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  1. Hello, yesterday i bought an footswitch for my line6 UX2 (Boss FS-5U) which works fine with gearbox, It was automatically detected as "stomp", but i can only use the presets for the stomp (Fuzz Pi, Facial Fuzz, Classic Distortion, Screamer, Sub Octaves and so on). But i want to use my own settings, because there are only 10 presets which are not the bests - is this possible?
  2. Hey folk, i bought today a footswitch (Boss FS-5U) which works fine with gearbox. It automatically detected my hardware. My question is: Is it possible, that i could add my own settings for the stomp? I have only the presets (just like Facial Fuzz, Screamer, Classic Distortion, Sub Octaves and so on), but i want to use my own lead and rythm settings with the stomp. Is this possible, or do i really have only those presets?
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