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  1. yhng

    Which Amp?

    I get a DT50-212 today. My primary use is for home practice. The reason I make this choice is because there is a crazy sale in my town. DT25-112 and DT50-212 is just different by USD125!
  2. yhng

    Updating The Dt25 Error 8000000a ?

    I get the same error when updating my newly arrive DT50-212 with a cakewalk UM-1G MIDI interface. This is resolved by the reverting the connection. From the instruction, it suggests. MIDI Cable In -> DT MIDI Out MIDI Cable Out -> DT MIDI In It generates the error. When I revert it, MIDI Cable Out -> DT MIDI Out MIDI Cable In -> DT MIDI In The upgrade finishes smoothly. And then I find someone saying the I/O connection varies on vendors....