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  1. Its only complicated to explain all of the ins and the outs. Thanks for the condescension. Again, as I said in previous post, I cannot play along with a jam track WITHOUT LOADING A SONG FROM DAW. That is what I am trying to figure out. Here is what I am trying to do: Monitor Helix through computer speakers (windows 10) by only connecting usb cable Not loading song through daw Please dont comment to just tell everyone how confused you are. Thanks.
  2. Hahaha yes this is very very complicated. Or hard to explain, First of all, this has nothing to do with sound quality. Im not trying to do this to achieve some sound boost or improvement. Thats not it. My goal, is to do Play through the helix rack into the computer and hear the output through computer speakers while only being connected with usb cable and without launching the daw. Im sorry for bringing up the foot controller i see how that was confusing. I mentioned it because the reason i want to do this is to just jam and change channels with the foot switch out of the daw, which i cant really do with the helix native plugin IN the daw. So the purpose to really streamline the connection. and my ON THE CABLE remark was just to say that, if they are there for the daw to use and sent from the helix, could i not use them and monitor them outside of the daw? Thanks.
  3. So I want to know if it is possible to monitor the USB tracks sent by helix without using a DAW. I feel like, i need to connect a usb cable to use hx edit, and those tracks are on the cable, somewhere. I typically use the native plugin when im in the daw anyway, but if im jamming out of the daw, id love to connect the foot controller to helix rack and actually use like a live rig. Is this something that anyone has tried or knows anything about? Thanks.
  4. OK so I think I got this working but I think it may have always been working with a semi bug that is easily overcome. I hadn't done a global reset and you did. I did that after you posted your last comment to see if it solved it. Initially it did not. My method for clicking and dragging was previously to drag hx edit tone down to running daw application icon and then up to open native plugin, like anyone would think would work. I am now seeing that it DOES work if you have the plugin and the hx edit window next to each other and drag directly from hx edit to native plugin. Am I explaining this in a way that is understandable? I still think it should work how I was initially attempting. But I am glad to see that it does work with a reasonable change to how I was dragging the tone icon from hx edit to native. HonestOpinion Thank you for your help and attention. Greatly appreciated, Sir.
  5. Upgraded everything to 2.81/1.81. Still cant click and drag from hx edit to native. I can drag from native to hx edit but not from hx edit to native. Please help.
  6. Yes. Sorry I didn't state that. Native is 1.8. Helix rack and hx edit are 2.8.
  7. Hello. I am currently unable to drag and drop presets from hx edit to helix native. It is my understanding that this should work with 2.80. See screen cap of helix native manual section explaining feature. I have attached screen shots of my selecting a preset in hx edit and another of me trying to drop it on helix native in presonus studio one. You cant see it in screen cap, but when I hover over destination it shows an X implying it can not be inserted at this location. Is this a known issue with 2.80? I looked through forums but didn't see anyone else having this issue. Thank you.
  8. Is this really still not something I can do? Can I not, without touching my Helix Rack, turn on the tuner? Please let me know if I am just missing it. I am quite sure that back in the Line 6 Edit days, you could pull up the tuner and see it on computer monitor without doing anything to the Line 6 Pod or whatever was interfacing. Thanks. :)
  9. Yeah. I would have settled for what you were saying if it worked that way. And I think it actually COULD if you set up a template and never moved the FX loop blocks. But as soon as you change footswitches you lose the customization. Does Line 6 read these? How to we make suggestions for added features? I think this would be a really great thing to have.
  10. I just tried this and it actually doesn't work. If you copy and paste an FX loop block with custom name and LED color from one preset to another, the custom name and switch LED color dont come to the new preset.
  11. That may be true as far as moving effect position. I forgot to say that when I am doing these things I am using HX Edit. I have the rack unit and the software interface is just more practical. But I do know that there are some things that work differently with the software than directly with hardware. Save as, for example. This may also be true for capacitive touch. I have used that but as I said above I typically use the software and maybe it can be done by touching the switches to assign instead. If that is true though, that is pretty ridiculous that the software and the hardware work so differently. Not sure though. I will try when I get a chance. Either way, I still want reusable pedal profiles. :) Thanks for the response.
  12. This might be something that is already possible and I just dont know it. But I would love to be able to create profiles for pedals that I regularly use with FX loop send/returns. I use a Suhr Riot pedal and really love it. First, every time I move the pedals position in a given preset, I have to reassign pedal number as well as scribble strip name and light color settings. Not sure why this is something that isn't kept until manually changed or reset. But what I really think would be great is that if I could create a profile for the Suhr Riot and just drag it to a spot in the chain. I would have to assign an FX loop and a button command if i wanted one, but the name and color would be part of the profile. And I know this may sound ridiculous given we are only talking about name and color. But it would just be cool to have a group of profiles built to be quickly added to the preset chain. Has anyone else thought of this? Thanks.
  13. Reasonable to completely alienate the FEW that were first adopters of their completely untried tech/product. Got it.
  14. I am a variax 700 and I just bought a Helix. It is kind of amazing to me how Line 6 is treating the first adopters for the first gen of variax. That guitar is what? 12 years old? No longer supported? Ridiculous. I have supported and used Line 6 for a long time but I think I will pass on the JTV. Too bad.
  15. I'm a little green on what may be the difference between workbench and workbench hd. I have a variax 700 that I use workbench through my xt live to configure. I just got the Helix. Is it also planned to add support for 700 models and associated software as well as JTV and workbench hd? Thank you.
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