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  1. Ahhh thank you SO much !!! If I wanted the 1.7 back what's the easiest way to do it ?
  2. Hopefully someone can tell me where I can find the gate.. When I add gear theres no gate stompbox ? WTH Im getting really bad feedback even with the gain on my irig 2 turned all the way down, volume on the phone is down ,
  3. left signal going to line 6 spider 3 30 right signal to flextone 3 2X12 combo
  4. Just flashed the memory and reset everything back to factory and still no sound from tone 2.
  5. Bought my unit used from Guitar Center in March and I'm just now getting around to figuring out how to use my Pod X3 Live. When I switch to tone 2 theres no sound. Should I be using stereo patch cables? My input for tone 2 is set to "same" which would be "guitar" for tone 1. Any help would be much appreciated, I havent been able to hear any kind of dual tone that this processor is capabable of.
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