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  1. I have come to the point of complaining after months trying to get answers from lin6 and from a ton of forums. I did have some success today by placing all effects afeter the amp, OD/Distortion before tham models, using 10 band EQ, Low Cut High CUt and global settings. I imagine there are a million scenarios but the order of effects seems to have a dramiatic effect on the amp models. The Digital Clipping and Fizziness is the most prevelant item to be able to get rid of. Like I said , I am getting some headway, but if any of you have a tried and true method to smoothen out the signal to avoid the fizziness and digital clipping to achive a warm tone consistently I am , at least now, a lot more encouraged. I have to say on a postive note that the scribble strips and monitor screen , title editing are an asset for live performances and Line6 is the best at this. I would push so Hard If I didnt want Line6 to be successful. Manufactures of units like these , I think, need to provide more insight up front so as to direct newbies to a good tone. So, yes, my future posts will stick to seeking advice. For now, my major concerns are avoiding harsh tones, best effects order, and how best to cut out unwanted frequnecies. Oh, I also used IR , played through the effects loop of the Fender its a lot better, but I could still stand to remove more of the attack and harshness 

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