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  1. Jydith

    Palm Mute Crunch

    Heavy metal rhythm tones. I have an old Yamaha fifty410 amp I'm playing through. I realize it's best to dial in my own tones. I'm just wondering if anyone has patches that work for them that I can use as a starting point
  2. Jydith

    Palm Mute Crunch

    Hello, I have a pod HD 500. I play rhythm on a few songs with my band and need a really good, tight crunchy sound for some palm muted sections. Anybody in line 6 world have a favorite patch for this?
  3. Hello, I would like to know if its possible to generate a wind sound (wind machine) with the PoD hd 500. My band is covering I want you (shes so heavy) by the beatles, and I would like to beable to play the outro ( either rhythm or lead guitar part) While also generating a wind like quality. Any suggestions would be very helpful. If it is not possible to get a good sounding guitar tone plus the wind sound in one patch, I would be happy with just a wind machine type patch and I could loop the guitar part then switch to some wind sounds. Im thinking some kind of combo between a phaser/flanger and some other module that generates a lot of "noise" (white noise generator? ) would work, but I am not sure. Please guitar tech masters, help me out!
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