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  1. pmagnaghi

    Amplifi Remote App Crashes

    weeks have gone by an no fix. IOS8.x with version 2.1 of firmware on fx100 with latest amplifi. Bluetooth disconnects and/or app just hangs/crashes on ipad. i would have thought that for weeks this being reported that there would be a detailed fix. To then do an update using a PC instead of IOS or MAC OSX is just plain weak. Luckily I had a vm of windows and that got things working for a bit but now its back to crashing and hanging again. Someone from support needs to contact me, this is getting completely stupid.
  2. pmagnaghi

    Amplifi Remote App Crashes

    updated to 2.x amplifi on ipad air 1 running ios 8.1.3. before ver 2 of amplifi bluetooth was rock solid now it crashes and amplifi app crashes or is extremely slow/not respinsive. please fix!!!! i have done at least 5 factory resets/callibration and uninstalled and reinstalled app with no success.
  3. pmagnaghi

    FX100 Multiple Delays

    perfect, you just sold me on the unit. thanks!
  4. pmagnaghi

    FX100 Multiple Delays

    Is there a way on the fx100 to have two delays going on at the same time? I have a few songs I do that require one delay at one setting (say @ 80% FX) while the other would be set at 30% at a different speed.