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  1. Hi!
    Have been using the HX Effects for some years without any problems. It has started to shutdown after 15-20 min playing. It reboots but shuts down and reboot again. I power off after a while and then it runs again. And maybe doing the same after while maybe not. 
    But - it is not usable for rehearsing or gigging as it now.
    Using a 1spot supply from the first day I got the HX.
    Anyone having the same issue? 
    Guess it has to go to the repairman.

  2. Thanks a lot guys! - I really appreciate your help! - thanks a lot!! :-)
  3. "join" : { "@model" : "HD2_AppDSPFlowJoin", "B Pan" : 0, "@no_snapshot_bypass" : false, "B Level" : 12, "A Level" : 12, "A Pan" : 0, "@position" : 9, "Level" : 0, "@enabled" : true, "B Polarity" : false
  4. Sorry - I just noticed you wrote some code - I guess it can only be set via the Helix then??
  5. Loaded your preset - and it works perfect! - I am very thankful, as I think it will become very useful for the sound variations I need in the acid rock trio! :-) I tried to find where the panning is set for the mixer, but I don't find it. Where do I find the settings for that?. BR Lasse
  6. No problem - I'm glad you would take a look at it! Thank you! I can't try it out before later today, but I really look forward to it. Thanks again! :-)
  7. Sure - I will do that. I'm glad you will take a look!. Has to make a little later - tonight. Time is right now 9.49 in the daytime. :-)
  8. Yes, really odd. I use Dhyana drive on path A and Simple delay on path B. Both stereo
  9. I think I got some progress now. Made signal path A and B. Put drive on A and delay on B Split Signal Flow Settings: Split A/B Mixer Signal Flow Settings: Main LR, Path B output Split Control Settings: RoutTo: Parameter, Exp1: Controller, Min value B100, Max value A100 Mixer Control Settings: A level, Exp1: Controller For now it works :-) A nice way to go from a spacy ambient sound to a sudden rock in your face sound. And back again. :-) UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE - 5 mins later! : Still works fine, BUT When connecting 2 amps, which I use gigging - 1 to L/Mono output - the other to R output. I only get sound to the amp connected to L/Mono!!. Help needed on this issue! :-)
  10. I am lost somewhere. It sounded ok yesterday at very low volume with only 1 amp. Found out I had it set for stereo, so today it did not sound right. Guess I was dreaming yesterday! :-) Tried to make it real simple today trying to get to the bottom of it - but I got lost anyway. Maybe it is just not possible!?. What I tried was: Uni-vibe in signal path A - Teemah drive in signal path B The goal is - with expression pedal - to have only path A (or B) open with heel down - and to have only path B (or A) open with toe down. Without dropout or sudden cuts. Fading in A and B out. The split can't be controlled to route to either A or B - at least I don't get it working. And the same with the mixer, I guess. Is it possible, do you think?. Anything I have missed?
  11. Oh man - It is the HX Effects unit I got - not the Helix. Sorry for the trouble, but HX effects don't have it's own forum. :-(
  12. Kilrahi - not quite sure I got it to work yet. Sounds a bit thin (maybe because I try on low vol.). I made path A with Uni-vibe and delay and path B with drive and delay. Some delay from path A is heard on path B even with path B's delay turned off. Otherwise it seems to work so the dirt morphs in and Uni-vibe is out. Has to try on higher volumes to determine if it is good or bad.
  13. Meiannatee - yes, but I would like one path (clean with effects) to volume down to zero while the other path (dirty with effects) volumes up by pressing the expression pedal.
  14. It seems to work - just tried quickly with A and B paths manipulating the mixer B level, B pan and B polar with expression pedal - normal min value and invert max value. Seems to work. Andy Summers seemlessly morphing into John Sykes :-) Try to set someting up tomorrow and check in depth!. Thanks a lot for helping me in the right direction!!. :-) :-)
  15. Thank you Sir! - this is what I want. I give it a go again. In my attempt to do so I had the mixer block at the beginning. I did not succeed in routing to either A or B for some reason - maybe it works better with the mixer at he end of the signal path. I am happy you say it can be done. It gives me relief to give it a go again! :-)
  16. Thanks! :-) I may have expressed it unclear (I'm danish). What I am after is sound1 to fade out and sound2 to fade in - using the expression pedal from top to bottom. Sort of seemless transition. Is that possible to do with the HX??
  17. Hi! I had a Vetta II earlier and it had a great feature. With the floorboard pedal in top position - I had a nice Police-like clean sound - pressing the pedal down to bottom position - the sound transitioned into a nice dirty sound. I tried to mingle with the HX to get the same option, but with no success. Thought it might be possible with 2 signal lines and then using the expression pedal to route to either 1st or 2nd signal path?. Is it possible on the HX effects??
  18. Where do I find my registered gear. I am registered with 4 but I can't click anywhere on my profile to recall them??

  19. Hi! I just realize how much I miss Riffworks as a workstation - especially the drummer - and all the great drums I bought and downloaded. Is it lost forever? I did not really understand what happened back then and got carried away with other things as time went by. All in all it means that all the drum patterns I bought is wasted??. I do not even know where they are now, but I must registered somewhere: Is it possible go get them back - and Riffworks up and running again?? BR Lasse
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