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  1. Yea I found that out the hard way yesterday. Haha. Now I'm looking at the Rocktron Velocity 300. I read the manual and it seems the way I would be running it would be 300W (bridged mono 8ohms) to a 125W cab (2x12, parallel, with an 8 ohms load) So I'm just gonna try not to blow up my brand new speakers. I know the thread is getting kinda long but you said you owned one will it give me any indication before my speakers blow? Or is that just on the XLS1000?
  2. OK just to clarify.. I'm staying with the current wiring in my cab I take 2 1/4 or XLR from the HD500 to the Power Amp Then I take 2 speaker cables from the Power amp to the cab Right..? Or the way my cab is wired would I only need 1 cord going to the cab?
  3. Awesome! You actually answered my original question earlier but thanks for the extra help! And just to make sure I would only be using 1 chord from the amp to the cab even though my HD500 will be going in stereo?
  4. This is how my cab is wired right now. I'm guessing this is parallel?
  5. Figured out how to quote like a pro now! So as of right now I have 2 Veteran 30's in my cab at 16 ohms each. if I were to get this (http://www.guitarcenter.com/QSC/GX3-Stereo-Power-Amplifier.gc) how exactly would I be setting up if I was running my cab stereo? Do I max out the master on the HD500 and then bring up the volume on the power amp to taste or would this result in me hurting something? Again I'm completely new to this area so if you could explain like I'm five it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. Haha.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply! My cab isn't wired to be stereo yet but I can rewire it without a problem. I was thinking this would be the best choice since I'll also have 2 different speakers. I have no idea what the first part means..but as far as an overload warning will that be on the power amp or will I just be able to hear it being pushed too hard?
  7. So I had it all set up to get a new rig and yesterday my car decided to lollipop out on me and I had to pay a huge bill to get it repaired. I now only have a 2x12 cab and my HD500 and I've been reading around and found I can get a power amp to get a good signal from my HD500 to my cab, but mostly I see XLS1000 or so which put out 1000w of power so how is it that people can use this without blowing there speakers? Do they just crank the HD500 master and just leave the power amp at maybe 2? And if we're having a loud practice or playing shows how could I turn it up without blowing anything? I'm really looking for as much info as possible on this because now my dream rig is out of my reach and this is the only other thing I can do with having a brand new 2x12 sitting around collecting dust. I've been looking at an XLS, QSC, and my buddy at GC was looking around at his used stuff and saw an Altec Lansing 1210 and said it maybe awesome to try and only cost $60. Thanks for looking!
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