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  1. Thanks for the replies. I probably should have mentioned that the archtop jazz guitar is an 8 string that can go as low as a bass. In this case, I suppose the L3t would be better. But then again, I was very impressed by the handling of the bass in the woofer of the Lucas Nano and it is only 8" Will it (L3t) give you a true/warm jazz guitar tone like a dedicated amp would while at the same time reproducing MP3 tracks with a rhythm section, strings, etc.? In other words, I wouldn't be able to use the Electric Guitar speaker mode while also playing the tracks at the same time. So does the other general PA mode work well for everything?
  2. I'm comparing different "all in one" PA systems. Was recently able to demo an HK Lucas Nano 300 in a store and was quite impressed, especially for the price and weight. Downside was that it did not have any built in effects or EQ. The Stagesource series, if I understand it right the "t" models have the built in mixer and effects, while the "m" models do not, is that correct? What are the major differences between the L2 and the L3 t models? Just power or? Has anyone here played a jazz guitar through the StageSource,, if so, how did it sound? Thanks!!
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