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  1. Why don't you give it a rest there Charlie??? Seems yer "Ranting" too......... Or is this a private club for fanboys? After all....your just a regular smuck,like me,who's ego seems to have gotten out of hand., I'm not going to quit using the forum on your say so. Line6 reads the posts and thats why I've posted what I have said here. We is a user also. I REPEAT...IF YOU DON'T LIKE MY POSTS...DON't READ THEM. C W
  2. Well I wasn't addressing you per say. More like the orignal poster and Line6. It was a general statement and evaluation from a registered "USER", former or not, on an open forum site where everybodys opinion is supposed to be welcome. If you don't like what I have said, I'm sorry....an easy fix is to not read my posts. Be mature and realize that other people might have a different opinion than yours. I didn't think it was up to you to moderate the forum either. Agree to Disagree if you will. But it looks like others agree with the statement made. Now your sure....................C W
  3. I had nothing but trouble with BOTH my new JTV-59 and DT25 amp. Also a Spider-75 for my grandson that wasn't worth having. Yet, if you post a less than flattering response to another person that is having the SAME problems that I and many others were having...... and I find this very enlightening, a Product Engineer,ie:Digital Igloo, from Line6 comes online and passes out negitive votes 'cause he doesn't respect your opinion. Maybe you should work harder on making a better more RELIABLE product and not be so narrow minded when you get some negitive feedback. After All....It's supposed to be an "Open Forum" and that includes both the good and the not so good. The truth is that alot of customers are having REAL problems and the solution seems to be to try to keep any opinion you don't want to hear off the forum site? Yup, you have a core of happy users, but the truth is the Forum is loaded with alot more folks having problems than you seemingly want to admit. And all the while we,as consumers, are supposed to be glad that we bought stuff that has an obviously substancial amount of glitches, bad parts, bad firmware, poor support and a failing reputation for being reliable?? How much redoing and reflashing and rolling back and not working and paper under the knobs and sending in back for repair is OK with you???? One doesn't buy this gear so we can fix it at home when you provide a less than quality product. If you don't want poor evaluations here.....make better stuff! C W
  4. Don't you just luv it when NOTHING works as advertized???? Now everybody is going to come online and tell you to do the "HOKIE POKIE" and this and that, like that's what you bought and paid for..... JUNK loaded with too many faults. Love, Love Love, All C.W.
  5. I got so pissed off at my "Dream Rig" that I pulled into a electrical recycling center and threw the CRAP in the dump! Travel 2 days to a gig at a private party and yer S**T don't work when you get there??Good thing they don't make airplanes or sumthin' really important Thank God! I don't see the possibility of this stuff becoming vintage 40 year old gear that still works and you can still get parts for either. C.W.
  6. I know that I swore I wouldn't post anymore........ But it sure looks like another satisfied customer to me !!!!! I'm just sayin' E-mail parts only...wait for days....Months..... Effects board failure kills entire amp set-up.... Dream Rigs turn to nightmare Gigs.... HEEE! HEEE! HEEE! T-Boner!!!!****Will Personal Messenger 'Ya with times and dates TBA if that's OK??? Have to keep info private. Remember that I'm a guest at friends homes when we travel. Hope yer housebroke and have had ALL your shots. Reguardless, we will hook it up out there OCT. somehow..... Glad you had sucess with your latest outing. Have some Rasputin Imperial cold Little Brother, C.W. Will keep an eye on things as I need a good laugh once in a while....
  7. Just a note to everybody here in the lounge, As I don't have Line6 gear anymore, I'm gonna withdraw from posting on the forum any longer. Everyone here has been more than gracious to let me have my opinion and say my piece. I don't want to be the guy that just rags on stuff to be confrontational, or come off as a "Line6 Hater". If it fits your needs and you like it, then by all means use it! I personally just prefered different gear. I don't harbour any ill feelings toward anyone for standing their ground and hope that I leave here with the same respect that I have for all of my fellow musicans. Keep wackin' that axe.... Play every chance you get... And for heaven's sake..........................................PRACTICE !!!!!!! Later, C.W. Oct----T-Boner have yer A game on B)
  8. Woke up this morning with the news that Brother Johnny Winters has passed away. Put on "Scorchin' Blues" and remember this blues great if ya would. 70 is just to young and we're all poorer for his loss........... C.W.
  9. . Exclusive circles my man!!!!! Got you on my calender for Oct. Everybody likes their privacy, so keep it under yer hat! You might not believe who you have a chance to meet. I could name drop all day, but that just sounds cheap on-line. Sounds to me like you already know the scene...so be cool... I'll touch bases with 'ya then. C.W.
  10. . Hi John, I wouldn't have even given it a try if I didn't think that it didn't have potential. Thing is.....I got the "Sound of Silence" instead of "Double Trouble" one too many times. Yer S**T don't sound like anything when it don't work. :angry: Mine was "Magic" too. :blink:......It would do stuff you wouldn't believe.....so I made it vanish..... ;) T-Bone has it right.....You make the gear sound good.......not the other way around. Keep playing and having a good time, how you get there isn't important as you well know. If you get the sound you need with what you have, then you have accomplished your first major goal. The world would be boring if we all had identical tastes and opinions and played the same gear 'cause we'd all sound the same. Good Talkin' with Ya'll C.W. B)
  11. . We just left there after 2 gigs at private parties for the "Rich & Famous". That's pretty much what we do as we are a bunch of retired "old pro's" that vacation around in our motorhomes and hobnob with the financialy endowded. Somebody has to do it!!!!!! Looks like we're back in late Oct. so I'll P.M. Yer A** and we will see if we can blow it up then. Sounds like you might fit in with the boys. We'll keep the particulars private though. Time to hit the Highway, C.W.
  12. T-Bone!!!! You got me Brother! I laughed so hard I had to go change me pants. Maybe we will get a chance to set down and chop some heads somewhere sometime...I'd like that! Why be OLD & Experianced without an opinion???? One bandmate calls the new stuff "Witchcraft".... At least I'm not that bad. It is really too bad about your ears though... :huh: Can you hear me now????? :D Have Fun, C.W.
  13. . Can I have that '72 strat that yer not gonna use anymore????? I'll bet that it sounds better than your 69 on the mags. You can just make up another make pretend one on your computer. The whole system that you tout so proudly only tries to copy the sound of the guitars, amps or effects that were produced by the orignals of each of those items. The Variax doesn't do anything orignal by its self , alt tuning on the fly exception here, other than combine all of those into one unit that is computer controlled.The AC30 amp sound isn't created by any Line6 product, or any other amp setting, none of the guitar models are different from the originals,nor are any of the effects that you use. Yes, you can craft a different set-up in Workshop, but that still is a copy of what would have been hard built in the day.If the orignals weren't great you wouldn't be trying to reproduce them. You'd be inventing something new never been done before. Also piling on the effects doesn't make one a better guitar player. Stick to the meat and potatoes and really play dual leads, makes a better show, unless you play alone?? And if you like the acoustic models??? You need your hearing checked. The benefit of having everything all in one, Swiss Army Knife, is generally over ridden by the weakest link cascading failure syndrome. Never the less, If your a techno head, you can play around and entertain yerself forever with this gear, and it's great for that. I think it tries to do too much and is overloaded with S**T that most people will never use and that it just gets WAY to compilcated for the average user. The main difference in opinions seems to be either those that like high tech gagets,and fiddling with them, or Old School Players who have found their set-ups and music genre's and are comfortable in where their at. We don't need to try and sound like ten different bands, or have every effect known to man to play a show. Who has the talent???? You? or your IBM?... Givin' you a + John cause you seem like a knowledgable guy and I like blabing with ya. We're gigging several private parties and are kickin' it on the coast and traveling for the next week. HOT here in California, so the ocean is nice. Trip ends in Washington at a big winery...so life is GREAT. Still will adopt that Strat for 'ya though if you throw in that Fender Prosonic Combo!!! Regards to All, C. W.
  14. Anything that tries to be everything all at the same time is just a copy of the orignal models or guitars that it is trying to mimic. The "Real Deal" would be an orignal of one of those having been handmade by craftsmen, not a computer program that strives to reproduce them. Bo Diddley's handmade shoebox axe is the "Real Deal". Is it the best guitar ever made? No! The Variax will NOT give one the different feel of each indivual guitar...Neck, wood, weight, set-up, fingerboard, fret action, scale length or any of the variations that exist between them. I enjoy the different feel that I get when I pick up my Tele or Strat or LP or Casino, or Taylor acoustic. Also, I"ve never had a "Real Deal" guitar blow up a bunch of computer parts or have so many glitches. A string, a switch or pot, but never total failure. Easy fixes. I'm sure that you know what I meant, but I hope your dream rig doesn't let you down anymore than what it already has according to your posts. I've said my piece, I support all my fellow musicans out there, no matter what you play or use as your favorite rig. I don't care if it's a comb wrapped in wax paper for a harmonica. Heck, I watched a guy with no arms play a guitar with his feet once. Let's all get together, jam and have a cold one. I'm going to the beach............................ Chuckie
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