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  1. Hi, Can I control the Amplifi 75 with a FBV MkI foot controller? Notice it's a MkI, not a MkII. Switching the 4 presets within a bank, plus volume/wah control and effect tweak would be OK. Thanks! JM www.soundcloud.com/jm-sola
  2. Hi again, By coincidence I found out that connecting the power cable to the Sonic Port VX, in order to charge the iPhone, fixes the problem. I haven't tried on any other iPod/iPhone/iPad but apparently the battery of my iPhone 5 must be fading. It is two years old now. Just in case any of you comes across the same problem. JM Sola https://soundcloud.com/jm-sola
  3. Hi, On the last weeks, I can't play guitar anymore on Mobile POD and Sonic Port VX on my iPhone 5. I've had the VX for 2 months and it worked fine initially. Now, when I start playing, the VX output starts to saturate (it takes sometimes minutes, sometimes seconds) until it delivers pure white noise. I suspect that some of latest Mobile POD's and/or iOS's updates have led to this behaviour. I haven't tried on both microphones options. The switch is most of the time on the guitar position. Here's the setup: iPhone 5, iOS v8.1.3 Mobile POD v1.7.2 I've also tried with Amplitube and get the same noise. Sonic Port VX still works fine when connected to the Mac for Pro Tools I/O. Thanks in advance for your help! JM Sola https://soundcloud.com/jm-sola
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