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  1. i had that problem with my L3S The entire amp had to be changed. Off warranty. $500 !!!
  2. Ahh - "aux send" as in "monitor outs". that's what you mean ? That makes sense.
  3. if using a sub other than L3S do you then hook up the L3T's and L3M's to the L6 link and the sub to the main outs - if so, is it then possible to control the sub output level from the M20D separately from the mains and monitors ?
  4. eggagnon2

    Usb Dongle Wich One?

    not sure what i did there but sorry
  5. eggagnon2

    Usb Dongle Wich One?

    i can't recall which dongle i was originally using. But it was a pain to get it working. And it worked intermittently. Switched to airport express and ALL the problems disappeared. And setup was easy. Plus i got the added benefit of playing music from my iPhone or iPad wirelessly through the M20D using AirPlay.
  6. thanks - gonna try that. Save an extra tripod on stage
  7. I have added a speaker pole cup to the top of my L3t and have a short pole to which I riveted a small piece of the bigger tube to deal with the issue Hi iknowathingortwo I'd be interested to see how you mounted the cup on the top of your L3t