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  1. sh.. next issue. My workbench is only compatible with firmware 2.0 and higher.... So far my sunday afternoon......
  2. rolled back to firmware 1.9 and it sounds much better. It is what it is.......
  3. Hi guys, I had a JTV-59 and sold it to get a 69. On my 59 the virtual guitars sounded good, almost no difference with the magnetic ones. On my 69 there is a huge difference. The magnetic pickups are sounding much better than the virtual ones. The virtuel sounding thin and lifeless. Already pushed the latest firmware 3 times, all succeeded but leaving me with the same sound. What can I do next?
  4. Thanx all. I have decided to return the Firehawk. Going back to the POD HD500. Will wait till the next release.
  5. Hi Silverhead, Thanks for the quick respons. 1. Not tried, will do that 2. Tried several combinations. Output Firehawk vs guitarlevel. Now guitarlevel on 60% en firehawk at 100%. For now the best combinations although the higher output models on the Variax like the lester gives that clipping so those are at 50%. The output firehawk has no influence on the digital clipping. So it is 100% at mine. Tried off course 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90% (o;
  6. Hi all, Got my firehawk in today. I use a JTV Variax and an ENGL gigmaster 30 as amp. Hooked it up 1/4 output left (AMP setting) to the FX return. My Variax straight into the ENGL gives me the sound that I want. Bought the firehawk to give me all the extra's. Straight out-of-the box horrible sound. Digital clipping and found that the guitarlevel was on 75%. Brought that back to 50 and the clipping was gone BUT my volume dropped (of course) in a way that I had to pump up the mastervolume of the ENGL till over 50% to come to a decent bedroom level. Normally the ENGL on 10% and the neighbors are complaining. In a band it will be around 20-30%. Tried 60% guitarlevel and the fender models were OK, the Gibson Lester gave digital clipping. Besides that most HD amps sound liveless. My POD HD500 sounded a lot better. Tried all the factory patches and created new ones, all HD-amps, from scratch. Could get some moderate sounds out of it, nothing to get exiting about. Updated it twice, also is my Variax on the last firmware level. Tried with my Ibanez main axe, same result. In the meantime my ENGL was warming the room (o; Anyone the same problem? Tried the line setting (gives more volume) into the amp but that was a nogo. Bluetooth connection and downloading FH patches from the cloud gave me 9 out of 10 the error: load error -21 But the sound is my main issue. Thanks for any respons.
  7. Its working again. Thank you!!
  8. ...is giving me a hard time... honestly, in my case it is unusable. It crashes continuously and I have to reset my iPad every time. Before IOS 8 update I didn't had any trouble. Is it just me? Other question: where do I find my tones. I want to backup them before something goes wrong.\ Thanks for an answer brgds Paul, Amsterdam-NL
  9. Hi Guys, Bought a Trace Elliot Supertramp 2x12 Very cheap second hand ($200). No tubes, solid state amp. My fx-100 main out left and right to de returns left and right. Very happy with the sound en very nice stereo (chorus, ping-pong delay and so on...) No tried it yet in a band situation but the previous owner had some video's from his band with this amp. Very convincing that this thing will cut through. At home it is a fine combination for me. Tried it also with my pod-hd500. Have to adjust cos it sounded a lot less.... But the pod has a hd engine, the fx-100 has the engine of the pod-x3? Am I correct?
  10. I bought the FX-100. Have the POD HD 500 and the variax but I was convinced that this new concept could be an addition. At home I can get a decent sound out of my computer monitor box (high-end). I want to try it with an amp on stage. And here is my question: some folks tried a frfr system and saying 'it is awesome' other people use a tube amp (fx return) and are saying' it is awesome' Before I'm going to buy an amp, what is the general opinion? Tube or FRFR....that is a huge difference!!! And I want to try an emulated JCM800 osund like a.....JCM800 Thanks!
  11. I have the same issue after upgrading my hd500 to firmware 2.20. Before it worked well, now I have the same: no sound, only popping sounds Other thing: my variax JTV59 sounds wonderfull on amp1 on my dt-25, the fender one..clean On number 2 and 3, the marshall/vox one it sounds terrible. digital clipping, one harsh thin sound....
  12. he thanks ozbadman. That worked fo me. Happy again (do I now have a malfunction switch or is this 'by design'?) Thanks anyway!
  13. Hi guys, Have a JTV-59. Upgraded to the latest firmware and tried it out. My gibson (Lester-1) doesn't sound so good as I had hoped. Some sound from an old telephone (o; Think I have to tweak my POD hD500 a little. Have a gig in a few days so I went back to the older firmware. Need some time to tweak which I don't have the coming days.. Guess what.... now my guitar selector switch doesn't switch to the magnetic pups anymore. Strange..... Plug in a normal guitar cable and magnetic pups work but cannot switch to the virtual models (have a full battery). So it is or the magnetic or the virtual..... I use both and now I cannot Thought it was the roll back to the old firmware so I did an upgrade tot the latest firmware again. Hoping that the switch is going to work again. Nope.... Now I have an iupgrade which I don't like at this moment and a switch which is malfunctioning My friend is always saying: if it works and you are satisfied, don't upgrade. Wish I had listened to him Someone any ideas or having a simular problem?
  14. Stopped trying and was thinking over waht I did before the POD went crazy. Downloaded a tone form customtone. Elsewhere on this forumfound that a patch ont he HD500 could be the problem It is working now. This is what I did: - removed everything form my computer and restarted it; - installed the latest drivers and monkey; - restarted computer - if you have an line 6 logo stuck you will not have an USB connection; - hold down cursus left and power the POD; - you will hear the sound of the computer (the USB 'conncetion sound') - POD is saying 'update flash'; - I have downloaded not the latest firmware but the on before; - update will now connect; - don't save your patches (think that that was my error, there was one corrupt I think) - now the update flash is succesfull; - via monkey download and install the latest firmware. For me this worked. Only lost my patches but my POD is working again! Thanks all!
  15. thanks. Tried left but no luck. Tried down..ditto
  16. Hi Guys, My POD stopped working. After a reset only the Line6 logo appeared, nothing further. Looked for some help on this forum. Did a reset (button down and power on) It kept telling me 'update flashing', nothing more. Every update I tried: update failed. New USB cable, reinstalled drivers, installed older USB drivers, other computer.....nothing helped. Between al the updates i heard 'ticks' in my DT25. Disconnected the XLR cable and tried again. Still update failed. Then I heard a tickeling sound from my JTV (huh??) Disconnected the JTV. Tried the update again. And now monkey told me that the update was succesfull. YES!!!! Power off and power on the HD and still the screen is saying: update flashing.......... Stays in that screen. Been busy the whole day and now I'm stuck and hope that one of you is having a brilliant idea (instead of sending the HD500 back for service). I'm sure it is a software issue, don't think something is broken. Thanks!!!
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