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  1. thx. Tried the special updater and after 2 attempts it's running again
  2. Hi guys, My new POD GO came in today. Unpacked the box and plugged it in. Nothing happens except what you see on the picture. Tried C+D pushed in for more than 20 seconds and power on The same with buttons A+B Installed POD GO Edit and page -> pushing while firing up. Nothing. POD GO edit says nothing is connected. Now I'm outa options. Hopefully someone can help me? Sending it back is not what I'm happy with.....
  3. pol2711

    WTF USB stomp

    thnx all. Sent it in for repair
  4. pol2711

    WTF USB stomp

    Hi guys, selling the Helix stomp and have the LT back again. But see something strange at the back of the stomp: on the left USB 4 pins, on the right the USB normal. What am I missing? Looked at the end of all my cables but cannot find something like a black cap strange.... Help wanted
  5. bumping cos nothing is happening since my last post. Hopefully a new firmware will roll out soon for the standard. Cannot believe that everybody is happy with the spanks and teles modelled. Juist turn the modelling off and hear the difference........ In my case a huge one. My JTV has 1.9 which sounds good. No 2.x for me there but that is giving me some other issues at the softwareside. But for me the sound is more important.
  6. slowly getting there. Using the Mid Gain Monsters IR, adjusting the high & low cuts en all is more to my liking. But still wondering: Have the Gibson LP - Dial in the 2204 mod amp, using no IR or CAB and nothing else form the Helix into the PC using the vintage or cream speaker model. Sound = NOK. Strange.... Using the L6 link. But can hear that my sound is there, just have to adjust en finally I will get there. But hoped it was a simple no brainer to have that rocksound without tweaking. Sadly, not in my case
  7. HI all, Received my PC+ yesterday. Till yesterday reading everything about it and how to hook it up (got a Helix, Gibson LP and Variax). Thought that disable the IR in my Helix and using a speaker model in the PC+ would bring me into heaven. Used my main patch (2204 Line6 mod), disabled the IR and used the vintage and cream speaker. My sound was a kind of a broken radio on AM. Bad. Some people told me that they only had to adjust a little to have a heavenly sound. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I cannot detect it. Sound is just very bad. Gibson into Helix, L6 link to PC+ (110 ohm XLR cable) Tried XLR Helix out, XLR PC+ in. Same sound. Build a patch from scratch, used the V30 after using high and low cuts.....better sound but not one that I could raven about. My Marshall .WAV file, which I use in my Helix as an IR together with my L2m of DXR10, is sounding OK. So I thought to use that .WAV file and put the PC+ in the FRFR mode. Wanted to put this IR into a free slot in my PC+. That gave me an error: 'Could not load IR' Huh? Export the IR from my Helix to disk and form disk to the PC+. Same error. My favorite IR is working flawlessly on my Helix but cannot be loaded into the PC+ Someone facing the same problem? IS there a solution? Thnx!
  8. Done. Hopefully there will be news soon. My JTV on 1.9 sounds good. My standard athemyst is hanging on the wall looking at me. He is also hoping to be played soon
  9. please Line6, do something about it. Make the firmware 2.x sound the same as 1.9. People are now modelling the modelling. If you can't hear any difference between those two on the spank, tele and acoustic models something else must be wrong (the ears, the amp, the playing, the...)
  10. pol2711

    Broken - AGAIN!

    stumbled over this topic. See that I'm not alone in this. Also my joystick is broken: I can move from top to bottom with it but cannot select. It's doing nothing. I'm using the Helix suitcase, no gator bag or anything like that that could have caused this malfunction by extra pression on the knobs from outside. Luckely it's still in the period of garantee. Now I have to find a repairshop here in Holland. Hopenfully I'm not going to miss the unit for a long time........
  11. Had the same problem using a JTV - Helix - L2m Never could find a decent rock tone in spite of all that was downloadable and indeed did the same thing as you. Bought the patches from Glenn including his Variax patches. Bought tons of patches form others At home a perfect tone, live in my band: harsh, dissapearing in the mix (and turned the volume up which made things worse). Adjusting the hi and lo cuts to get a tone which was acceptable but was never happy with it. Was almost in a state of selling the Helix and going back to my ENGL gigmaster which never gave me those problems and thought it was a tube thing. Till i stumbled over some messages in facebook and looked into that. Bought the correspondent IR's and an Atomic 50W tube amp. Tried it at home and was satisfied but not too because I knew that in my band I was going to face the same problems. NOT! It really opened my Helix and I had a heavenly rocktone. Other bandmembers thought that I had something new, I got thumbs up and my sound is better and more that I expected. My blues and leadsounds are just perfect! Further investigation pointed out that the IR/CAB was the part in the chain which produced the harshness/dissapearance. I tried the L2m in the latest setting and that also gave me the sound I was long looking for. So the IR did the trick for me. Which one I cannot tell you because I bought them and don't want to advertise or something like that. But the the keys for me were: - IR/CAB: focus on that part of the whole chain - Buying and downloading tons of patches and trying them out was a mostly a waste of time - Every chain is different and a zillion combinations are possible but also a zillion pissible ways to screw up your tone - Every situation is different and your rock or blues or clean of leadtone is not instant downloadable or of the shelf. You have to adjust it a) for your situation and b) it has to 'sit' in your chain Forgive my english, it is not my native language
  12. I hope they will correct it in a new firmware. Lots of us out there having this same problem. Good luck kphilbil. I will come over and have that beer!
  13. roll back to firmware 1.9 and try again. Had the same problem with firmware 2.x and above. Rolled back tot 1.9 and my spank models were back. What it is, I don't know. Unfort you will losse the workbench HD functionality. Maybe you can try this, just my 2 cents
  14. Thank you Bigbob. Ordered the gold ones and they are looking awesome on my black JTV-59
  15. Hi guys, after many attempts to have my Helix going with a frfr system, decided to go back to the poweramp of a tube amp. Tried kaziliions of IR's (bought as well free) , CAB's, frequency cuts, patches (bought as well free) with my L2M but never got satisfied. Play classic rock in a band and that creamy crunchtone is very hard to get. At home at a decent level it sounds good to me. All the Helix members here, on youtube and facebook are having my tone and sold them to me. My L2M cranked up in a band.......far away form that tone I want. I'm aware of the fletcher-munson (or something like that), down with bass/gain live, adjusting EQ and global EQ.... but now I'm al little fed up with it. Last week I had to do a gig in a last minute and there was a frfr system on the ground. Connect my helix (have the 110 Ohm XLR cable and 1/4 and...) and one muddy horrible tone. Use a Variax JTV 69 Ajusting didn't help (global:line/instrument/EQ...). Clean was OK as well as my lead tone. The crunchy ones: horrible mess. Most of my songs: mess The best tone for me I'm getting now with my Helix: JTV -> Helix -> 1/4 out -> return twin reverb. no cabs, IR's. Using full amp. Only pre amp is also a nogo for me. Tried L2M patches form a board memeber, also not the sound Dialing in a simple ACDC sound and via my computer: sounds OK In a band: NOK Cannot imagine that someone else here is not having the same issue as I'm facing now. Like to here what the solution was Thanx!
  16. thank you riktor! Used Pacifist and downloaded Java and all is working fine over here with the latest OS X
  17. recognize the problem. I also have the standard and the spank and telemodels are thin and lifeless compare to the magnetic ones. I had the jtv-69 and had the same problem. Rolled back the firmware there to 1.9 and my problem was over. Unfortunately the standard cannot be rolled back to FW 1.9 adjusting the models or downloading banks (specially one that is called sounds like FW 1.9) didn't do the trick here. Still waiting for a firmware update to resolve this problem. For now I am using it with the helix and adjusted my spank model in a blended magnetic 65%/digital 30% one. Still not happy with it because I know how the Variax can sound when everything is right!
  18. Global - pad - on Try the impedanceparameter I had some simular with my rocktones. Dialing back the high freq: cut off to 3 khz (in cab oarameter or an extra eq block at the end
  19. are all my hero. Global EQ on high freq brought back to 3 Khz and the fizzyness and harshness dissapeared!!!!! Using the headphones and heard a huge imrovement on my rock tones. wow. And I adjusted just one (!) parameter. Going to try it this afternoon with my l2m. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. tried several banks with no luck. In workbench you can blend the magnetic pickups with the digital ones (down right on screen). Found a way which I will use for the time being: - blend the digital with the magnetics on 69% - output lester -2 db - output spank 0 db (is normal +2/3 db) - spank models found bank called spank like 1.9 and used that as base for adjusting Hope that line 6 will soon come out with a new firmware that will resolve my (and i have read many others) problems with the digital spasnk models (and tele and the high output lesters) I use the Helix. Don't know if this all also works with pods, firehawks... Hope this help others
  21. someone else told me in another forum to cut down the high freq to 3 KHz in the global EQ. So global EQ on and adjust that parameter to 3 Khz improved a lot!!!! Through headphones the rock tones don't sound fizzy and digital but more as....rock tones. Here is a happy person
  22. Thanks! Will try that. still feels odd to have to do this.... On my Helix I adjusted my patches to Variax Magnetics. It is still a huge difference. Used the first factory patch (Fender amp) in combination with the L2M and the digital spank model 2........ The Line6 people must have been hearing this too I think? It is simply awful. Switching the Variax to magnetics it is way better. (i'm still not there but I know I will be someday) Thanks again, most helpfull
  23. Bought the standard today as a backup. Thought that firmware 2.21 would b better sounding in compare to my JTV-69. Nope. Same thin and lifeless spank en telemodels. Magnetic sounding also here way much better. The JTV had now the formware 1.9 which I'm happy with. The standard? Unfortunately I cannot rollback to 1.9. Must use 2.21. Is it just me? Have the new Helix and de L2M. Thought it was my POD HD500X. Again, not. So I have everything replaced and the spank en telemodels don't work for me with FW 2.21. Cannot believe that I'm the only one......
  24. Thnx Tommasi, I'm aware of the the Fl-Munson principle. Also turn the bass and gain down at higher levels. Didn't do the trick in my situation. I know it's in there. Just have to find it. But thought that an simple created patch from scratch, Amp-Cab (Brit 2204 for example or Mandarin) with some delay and reverb, gain on 3 everything else from the amp on 12 and the stock CAB would bring me on the road with my new L2M.
  25. Got same problems. Bought the L2M because everyone is raving about it in combination with the helix. At my bedroom it sounds OK, yseterday I played it first with the band. Clean is OK, the rocktones horrible. Use the Brit 2204 and other brittish models. They all sound muddy, trebly....far away from the tones I'm hearing from all of you guys. Output set to line, no global EQ, use a Variax (Lester-1) and the setting is PA/Reference on the L2M. Can someone tell me how I can adjust the global EQ? Want to hear the rocktones at giglevel
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