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  1. Hello all. My Floor Pod Plus behaves strangely when it comes to calibrating the Volume/Wah pedal. It's not consistent. Maybe I can be more clear if I write what happens while I'm calibrating it, per instructions. The inconsistent results I've highlighted in orange. Hope it's not annoying. 1. Unplug the power 2. While holding the toe switch of the Volume/Wah pedal "on", plug in the power, and wait while the display reads "FLR", "POD", "PLS", "PC", and release the toe switch, and the display reads "000" 3. Make sure the pedal is all the way at the toe position, and press "A". The display runs up from 000 to 100 4. Make sure the pedal is all the way in the heel position, and press "B". The display runs up from 000 to 100 5. Press "C". The display will show a numerical value. Here, each time I calibrate, I get a different value. 6. Press the toe switch, and move the pedal from heal to toe position, noting the LEDs around the FX dial. Here, the LEDs behave differently each time I calibrate, e.g. one time, the lights will be all "on" when the pedal is halfway up; another time, the lights will be all "off" at the same position; other times, some times the heel position will still have some lights "on" (when they should be "off") and sometimes the toe position will have some lights off (when they should all be "on"). It varies each time I calibrate. So I repeat steps 1 - 6 until I get an LED behavior that seems closest to normal, i.e. heel position -> all "off", and a smooth transition, adding LEDs as I move the pedal to the toe position, where al the lights are "on". 7. Press and hold the toe switch for 2 seconds to save the calibration (there's no feedback from the device that confirms the completion of this step) 8. Unplug / replug the power cord This is all performed indoors, where the lighting is not exceptionally bright (a single 11-watt fluorescent light in the ceiling). I've opened the device, removed the sub-board for the pedal sensor and toe switch and looked for dust/pet hair, etc. None. Do I have a faulty optical sensor? If so, can I get a replacement part? Not afraid to solder a new sub-board in if that's what it takes. BTW, I was surprised to see that the sensor is so far from the little post that's part of the pedal, even when in the toe position (I think it's was about 1cm away at the nearest point). Normal? Thank you all!
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