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Found 19 results

  1. I've got a FPP and I'm running the Vyzex Editor/Librarian software on a late 2009 MacBook Pro using an M-Audio MidiSport 2x2 MIDI interface. The FPP and the Vyzex software work fine with being able to change patches on the hardware from the software and move patches around using the software. But when I download an "l6t" file from the website and try to import it into my FPP via Vyzex, I get an error that says it cannot import the file. I read in the Vyzex manual that only FPP, PocketPOD and POD 2.0 l6t files can be opened on the FPP. How does one recognize these file types from the list of l6t files on the webpage? Any other help on being able to import l6t files into my FPP would be appreciated. The default factory patches are okay for a while, but now I'm ready to expand into some different sounds that others have created. I'm also looking for a patch for the FPP that creates a pad sound. Any ideas?
  2. I downloaded a patch (.l6t file). I would like to store in one of the banks in my floor pod plus. I connected the POD to my laptop with a MIDI connector and have the Vyzex editor. But I cannot seem to find any tutorial on how to store the patch. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  3. I have a late 2009 MacBook Pro model 5,3 running Mac OS 10.9.6 (Mavericks) and using the Firewire 400 interface with a MOTU 8Pre Audio Interface. The 8 Pre has a single MIDI port (IN/OUT) that I have been using to connect my Floor POD Plus to the laptop running the Vyzex Editor/Librarian. Everything was fine...I would start up Vyzex and the Floor POD Plus would be found and the download from it would commence and I could do all of the great things the editor facilitated. Then the power supply assembly of my MOTU interface quit working and the MOTU unit would not even turn on, much less process any audio or MIDI data. I replaced the power supply assembly and the MOTU seems to work fine - all the inputs and outputs work as, when I fire up the Vyzex software, it does not find my Floor POD Plus. I've checked, changed, and verified over and over all the Mac OS Audio/MIDI settings. The OS is seeing and recognizing the MOTU interface MIDI port. I have other MIDI ports being used by other equipment and they seem to work fine in the Mac OS. The Vyzex software error messages tell me to reset the MIDI IN/OUT ports in the software, which I do and still get no recognition of the Floor POD Plus. I employed the MIDI Monitor feature of the Vyzex software and see MIDI data being broadcast by the Floor POD Plus when I move the volume pedal, press any foot switches, or turn any of the knobs. I got a stand-alone MIDI Monitor program and installed it on the computer, and again, I see MIDI traffic on the bus from the Floor POD Plus. So the Floor POD Plus MIDI OUT function seems to work, but the Vyzex software is not seeing it. I don't know if the Floor POD Plus MIDI IN is the problem such that it isn't seeing the interrogation message from Vyzex and doesn't know to respond to the message, or if it is something to do with the Vyzex software setup. Now, more often than not, the Vyzex software freezes because MIDI OUT data from the Floor POD Plus is swamping the software MIDI interface. This is driving me insane. I've reinstalled the MOTU Interface drivers. I've resinstalled the Vyzex software. I've changed out MIDI cables attaching the Floor POD Plus to the MOTU Interface. I don't know what else to try since it worked before the MOTU Interface power supply failed. Is there a way to completely reset the Floor POD Plus so that the MIDI IN/OUT port is reset to some factory default condition. Maybe there is a MIDI Buffer in the unit that needs to be cleared. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
  4. Hi guys. I cannot find where download Vyzex for my Floor POD Plus. Someone can help me? Or are there others software to use with my POD? I don't know what to do. Thanks
  5. I bought a used Floor Pod Plus from Guitar center and I'm trying to hook up the midi ...the Vyzex sees midisport but it wont interface with the floor pod plus...what am I doing wrong...Windows 10 64
  6. When I download a tone onto my Floor Pod Plus does the MIDI cable need to stay connected to the Floor Pod for it to work. For example, if I download a tone from custom tone and set it to 1a by overriding the preset, and then disconnect the Floor pod from the computer, will able able to click 1a on my floor pod and get that tone? It would make sense if this would be the case because the Vyzex software can communicate with the pod.
  7. I was wondering, what equipment is required to get tones which were downloaded from a computer into the Floor Pod Plus? I’ve been looking and have not been able to find a straight answer for this.
  8. I've recently got a Floor Pod Plus in a trade and wanted to edit and play around with it. However, it looks like there's no option for Windows 10. What's the alternative? Is there a way around it? Thanks Claybob
  9. Hello all. My Floor Pod Plus behaves strangely when it comes to calibrating the Volume/Wah pedal. It's not consistent. Maybe I can be more clear if I write what happens while I'm calibrating it, per instructions. The inconsistent results I've highlighted in orange. Hope it's not annoying. 1. Unplug the power 2. While holding the toe switch of the Volume/Wah pedal "on", plug in the power, and wait while the display reads "FLR", "POD", "PLS", "PC", and release the toe switch, and the display reads "000" 3. Make sure the pedal is all the way at the toe position, and press "A". The display runs up from 000 to 100 4. Make sure the pedal is all the way in the heel position, and press "B". The display runs up from 000 to 100 5. Press "C". The display will show a numerical value. Here, each time I calibrate, I get a different value. 6. Press the toe switch, and move the pedal from heal to toe position, noting the LEDs around the FX dial. Here, the LEDs behave differently each time I calibrate, e.g. one time, the lights will be all "on" when the pedal is halfway up; another time, the lights will be all "off" at the same position; other times, some times the heel position will still have some lights "on" (when they should be "off") and sometimes the toe position will have some lights off (when they should all be "on"). It varies each time I calibrate. So I repeat steps 1 - 6 until I get an LED behavior that seems closest to normal, i.e. heel position -> all "off", and a smooth transition, adding LEDs as I move the pedal to the toe position, where al the lights are "on". 7. Press and hold the toe switch for 2 seconds to save the calibration (there's no feedback from the device that confirms the completion of this step) 8. Unplug / replug the power cord This is all performed indoors, where the lighting is not exceptionally bright (a single 11-watt fluorescent light in the ceiling). I've opened the device, removed the sub-board for the pedal sensor and toe switch and looked for dust/pet hair, etc. None. Do I have a faulty optical sensor? If so, can I get a replacement part? Not afraid to solder a new sub-board in if that's what it takes. BTW, I was surprised to see that the sensor is so far from the little post that's part of the pedal, even when in the toe position (I think it's was about 1cm away at the nearest point). Normal? Thank you all!
  10. Hi everyone. I'm brand new to these forums (and guitars in general). I really need an effects pedal/amp emulator for a show on Wednesday. My first choice was to get a Floor Pod Plus since people have had such good experiences with them and it's in my budget. However, I cannot find any store with one in stock and need it soon. I do already have a FBV Express MkII (which I actually bought for a keyboard and it's USB MIDI functionality). There is a Line 6 Pod 2.0 in stock near by me. I have read that it has the same "brain" as the Floor Pod Plus. Is this true? And if so, can I hook up the FBV Express MkII to the Pod 2.0 and get a similar use than that of the Floor Pod Plus? I need to be able to have my guitar player switch between a handful of effects (e.g. Clean, OD, distortion, etc.) and have volume control and a little bit of Wah (very little!). Will the combination of the Pod 2.0 and the FBV Express MkII that I already own work for me? I need to pull the trigger and get something soon...Thanks in advance! :)
  11. I know how to download member created settings (Custom Tones) to my computer. How do I upload the Custom Tones from my computer to my Floor Pod Plus?
  12. I've had my Floor Pod Plus forever. I've only used the presets and my own custom settings. I am using a laptop (Windows 7). Can I download vyzex editor/librarian to my laptop. Is there an instruction manual for using editor and librarian? Is there an instruction manual for the method to upload other member's custom settings to the Floor Pod Plus? If not, how do I upload the available custom settings to the FPP? I have an EMU Keyboard for MIDI. Can I connect it to the FPP? Is there an instruction manual for using a workstation with FPP? I am not using computer recording software. I am using a Tascam 2488. How do I upload my midi files to the recording unit. I am an intermediate computer user but a NEWBIE to computer software recording. I do plan to get a PC and purchase recording software. Until I do, what limitations are there to using hardware recording unit as opposed to recording software and a laptop as opposed to a PC with a more sophisticated sound card? I realize that the FPP is one of the oldest of the Line 6 effects products and that it has limitations. Is there any other software other than Vyzex that I can use with the FPP? I apologize for all the questions, but until now, I've just been using the Floor Pod Plus as an effects pedal with my amps and directly to the Tascam recorder. If the FPP has more capabilities other than how I'm currently using the unit, I would like to discover all the ways that it can be used for creating tones and connecting directly to the Tascam recorder. I thank anyone in advance for any help he/she can offer me so that I can get the most out of the FPP. Thank you for your patience. Signed: A 61 year old musician who has been playing since I was nine and personal computers were 25 years in the future.
  13. My Floor POD Plus is connected to 3 other pedals, and for some reason, it is creating a buzzing noise that won't go away. Also the noise gets louder as i try to play music through the guitar. Anyone know why this is happening? My setup: Guitar>Boss NS-2 Noise Supressor Boss NS-2 (send)>Floor POD Plus>Boss CS-3>Boss DS-1>Boss NS-2(Return) Boss NS-2(output)>Line 6 Spider III 150 watt head
  14. Hey! I just bought a Floor Pod Plus used. Wondering if there's a way to equalize all the output without having to manually do it? Like when I switch from 29A to 29B for example, the volumes are wayyy off.
  15. Hey guys, My name is Cameron Landers. I am a music producer from California. I compose original music for TV, film scores, commercials, etc. and a lot of the music I produce is guitar-centric. I have a new Floor Pod Plus, which I bought to be able to quickly dial in certain well-recognized guitar and amp tones for some of the types of cue tracks that I create, as well as for backing tracks I produce for live shows. I've used its predecessors on stage, and I like the great emulation engine and flexibility. I have an unusual issue to share with my new Floor Pod Plus. I have tested the on-board tuner with several of my freshly-intonated guitars, both acoustic and electric, and against several other known-good tuners, as well as known-good pianos and synths, all of which are set to A=440Hz. The guitars are all at standard tuning. When I tune a guitar on my Floor Pod Plus, I noticed it's flat to other instuments. So I grabbed some dedicated tuners and they all showed the same thing: my guitar was tuned flat. Comparing against real pianos and software synth plug-ins in my DAWs - all match each other fine, but the Floor Pod Plus tunes my guitar flat to them. And when I tune my guitars with other tuners, they match the pianos and synths just fine. So it is obvious that the Floor Pod Plus tuner is tuning flat. But I wanted to know how flat. Fortunately I discovered that the Floor Pod Plus on-board tuner does have an adjustment feature. I wasn't expecting that, but was glad to see it at this point. So I adjusted the Floor Pod Plus tuner upward in 1Hz increments (441, 442, 443, etc.) and kept retuning the guitar at each setting until I could get the guitar to match my other instruments and tuners. At the end that process, I determined that when the on-board tuner is adjusted to A=444Hz, it tunes my guitar exactly right with the other instruments and tuners. So the Floor Pod Plus on-board tuner is tuning guitars approximately 4Hz flat, when set at A=440Hz. I say approximately 4Hz, only because the Floor Pod Plus is the only thing saying it's at 444Hz when it tunes correctly - I don't have any other tools to measure whether or not each of the adjustment increments on the on-board tuner actually produces a 1Hz increase or not. I just know it takes a setting of 444Hz to tune the guitar correctly. I'd like to know if anyone else is having this problem? It's not a huge deal-- at least not if it doesn't get any WORSE. I can just leave it set to 444Hz. But if it DOES get worse, then it may become unacceptable, since the Floor Pod Plus only adjusts upward a maximum of 5Hz. It may be just luck that 444Hz happens to render correct tuning in my case. Given that it's incorrect, presumably a true 440Hz tuning might just as easily have fallen between two of the adjustment settings, or even beyond the 445Hz maximum setting. So I count myself lucky. I'm wondering if if this a known issue, or if maybe others have purchased units that exhibit this issue - and if so, if yours is off by 4Hz or some other amount. I'd be interested in any comments or solutions. It's really handy to have the on-board tuner when working with the Floor Pod Plus, so I don't have to juggle another tuner into the chain. But it would be nice if it was correct... :) Cheers, -=Cameron
  16. I need help in knowing how to connect my guitar, Floor Por Plus pedal and my amp. My amp has the SEND/RECIEVE inputs and I want to use the amp presets inside the Flood Pod Plus as well as distortion and other effects. Thanks.
  17. Hello, I'm trying to figure out what happened to my FPP sound. It never moves.. My daughter may have messed with/walked on it, but other than that I can't understand how it would have been damaged. The output sounds like its half there.. for a while I had a cord for my headphones that was starting to go bad and when it adjusted it just right it would sound the same.. there, but distant and cracky. I've eliminated that previous issue and it sounded fine the last time I used it. Is this common? Is there something I can do to sort it out? Best regards, Dustin
  18. So I contacted tech support, but as it turns out they're not much help. I'm wondering how I can start recording and practicing through my computer with just my guitar and Floor Pod Plus. I read you need to have a Audio Interface so I chose this one. "" It's a Behringer UCA222, and it's only $30. It has some pretty awesome reviews on it, and I'm not looking to spend much so I thought it'd be a good Audio Interface to buy. I guess my question is, would all I need to start recording through my computer be the Audio Interface, my guitar, and the Floor Pod Plus? How would I go about hooking it all up together? And what cables/connectors would I need? More of a detailed description would be helpful, but I guess anything at this point will do. Also if I hooked this all up could I just put in headphones through my computer and practice playing that way? Thanks in advance!
  19. I am new here so I apologize if this has been asked. I am looking for a place where there settings or post of settings for different songs. Could be for flirtin with disaster, ZZ Top sounds, or something as simple as some Eagles music. Thank you.
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