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  1. Hi, I need to know if Firehawk can be used as a MIDI Controller. I need to connect it with my Hughes & Kettner that has got a MIDI In to control channels.
  2. Oh damn, I'm stupid. I went to line6\software and it was already selected MacOS so I saw only recents updates. Only now I understand I had to press GO to search software. Thanks a lot BillBee, you saved me! Finally I can work with my POD.
  3. Thanks so much! Problem solved. I had to choose another OS cause I'm working with a Mac and it automatically search software for Mac. I'll use Wineskin or Parallels to run the Windows 7 version. Is there a version for Mac?
  4. Hi guys. I cannot find where download Vyzex for my Floor POD Plus. Someone can help me? Or are there others software to use with my POD? I don't know what to do. Thanks
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