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  1. I have a Floor Pod Plus and want to avoid using an amp to record. I would like to know the typical set up for recording from FPP directly to a Multi-Track Recorder or Computer based recording software. Are you using a DI in the chain? If so, active or passive? Any recommendations for getting good recording using this method? Thanks.
  2. I know how to download member created settings (Custom Tones) to my computer. How do I upload the Custom Tones from my computer to my Floor Pod Plus?
  3. I've had my Floor Pod Plus forever. I've only used the presets and my own custom settings. I am using a laptop (Windows 7). Can I download vyzex editor/librarian to my laptop. Is there an instruction manual for using editor and librarian? Is there an instruction manual for the method to upload other member's custom settings to the Floor Pod Plus? If not, how do I upload the available custom settings to the FPP? I have an EMU Keyboard for MIDI. Can I connect it to the FPP? Is there an instruction manual for using a workstation with FPP? I am not using computer recording software. I am using a Tascam 2488. How do I upload my midi files to the recording unit. I am an intermediate computer user but a NEWBIE to computer software recording. I do plan to get a PC and purchase recording software. Until I do, what limitations are there to using hardware recording unit as opposed to recording software and a laptop as opposed to a PC with a more sophisticated sound card? I realize that the FPP is one of the oldest of the Line 6 effects products and that it has limitations. Is there any other software other than Vyzex that I can use with the FPP? I apologize for all the questions, but until now, I've just been using the Floor Pod Plus as an effects pedal with my amps and directly to the Tascam recorder. If the FPP has more capabilities other than how I'm currently using the unit, I would like to discover all the ways that it can be used for creating tones and connecting directly to the Tascam recorder. I thank anyone in advance for any help he/she can offer me so that I can get the most out of the FPP. Thank you for your patience. Signed: A 61 year old musician who has been playing since I was nine and personal computers were 25 years in the future.
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