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  1. Beta Testers are part of the Vaporware process. Its all a dream until its really out for everyone ...... Better check TGP for timely announcement, I guess ......
  2. So far nothing but Vaporware ........ (sigh)
  3. The layout and the software really sucks. Every time I come to check the look is different, sometimes I have to log in, sometimes there is no log in button. And these guys want money for their software based modelers??? Forum software is EASY!!!! I'm not impressed at all!
  4. HINT! - Don't use the BACK arrow or command in browser but go up to the top the page and click on the Helix forum link in the path. That does not log me out each damn time!!
  5. .. and going back to the Helix forum it logs me out and the Sign In link DOES NOTHING!!!! ALl the way out, quit browser and back and funny, I am logged in automatically ...... wow what a crock!
  6. Just came into form and clicked on this post first. Read the new post above and then back out and viola! Logged off and out ....... Not looking so good for a technology-based company.
  7. And now it can't track threads read or marked read ...... what a p.o.....
  8. WoW! Today I come direct to this forum this PM using my bookmark. Shows me NOT logged in, but was here this AM. Hmmm. Click "Sign In". Forum refreshes still not signed in. Refresh page, no change. Repeat, nothing ....... Again, finally I show as logged in without actually logging in. Rinky dink is my polite snowflake sensitive description of this process ...... Software? Any got any suggestions??!??
  9. plexiprs

    HX Effects forum

    However, there is enough of a difference that Helix editing software is not usable on the HX Effects, from what I have read. This speaks volumes to me of the differences. But, if Line 6 feels a distinct forum area for HX Effects is unwarranted, the the users will have to make do. In the end, it is their call to make.
  10. plexiprs

    HX Effects forum

    I am intently watching this forum for the purpose of deciding if the HX Effects is the item I want to purchase to address all my effects needs. The lack of proper editing software as well as lacking its own forum are keeping my further from pulling the trigger on a purchase. I first started with Line 6 on the first POD and anticipate that the HX Effects could be my solution. But movement in addressing my requirements is not happening. I watch .............. I read ................ and I wait. But......... only for a little while longer.
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