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  1. garbanzo's post in Speaker/amp choice for POD HD? was marked as the answer   
    As this does not seem to be getting any more feedback I will mark it as answered/solved.
  2. garbanzo's post in POD HD is not recognized by PC was marked as the answer   
    I should note that this problem was self repaired when W10 completed its latest update. When I turned the pc off the latest downloaded windows material was installed, and when I started the problem was alliviated. This has happened on one additional occasion, for some reason downloaded W10 stuff has an uppsetting effect on the POD.
    I hope this experience may help others.
  3. garbanzo's post in Difficulty purchasing HD Vintage Model pack was marked as the answer   
    Thanks skybone, I guess that Paypal was the key. I personally dont like PP as they provide a poor exchange rate and the owner has very right wing ideals and ideas. Still the purchase went through. It does make me wonder what the interest is L6 has in zip codes though.
  4. garbanzo's post in Connecting POD HD to Roland 80XL was marked as the answer   
    After posting the question, and before your reply, I took the jump. I used the line out on the POD and adapted a cable from 1/4" to the what ever size is necessary for the audio/aux in on the Roland, and it worked. I m not sure I can say weather or not there is a difference in sound quality as opposed to using the line in, but it works. Nothing blown, which was a relief.
    Thanks for your reply!
  5. garbanzo's post in POD HD- communication error device not registering was marked as the answer   
    Well I want to thank you all above who have tried to help me. Of the above suggestions and my own iniative I tried, 1 a new cable, 2 another USB port, 3 reinstalling the software, and finally attempted to get into BIOS to see if a change fron Legacy USB to Auto would help, but was unsuccessful in getting into BIOS despite several attempts (I believe that the F keys are closed at start for some reason and I cant find a way to activate them at start/restart) (I am not a big fan of W8, but maybe it will come when I´ve spent more time with it), so, what happened? I went back to uninstalling/reinstalling the software, and used a W8 device manager/trouble shooter in control panel that finally said it had found something (what?) that it put right, and after 5 uninstalls/reinstalls It works! I know that is not an explanation, but rather a discription of a nonunderstandable process, but thats what happened. Thank you for your suggestions and help. garbanzo
  6. garbanzo's post in POD HS- Record guitar and voice simultaniously? was marked as the answer   
    hurghanico, It works! I missed an adjustment in Reaper. Mille grazie, tusan tack, many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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