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  1. Hej codamedia, once again thanks. I now realize that I have been overly using the gain on most evrything, amps as well as dist pedals, thus creating a much harsher tone than that I have been searching for. I think I am in the right direction now but will be back if I veer off too far.
  2. Thanks Codamedia, I will get on it tomorrow!
  3. I guess others are as in the dark as I am.
  4. Hello. I just heard the Vox Silk Drive demo, see/listen to link below. The sound at both 1:40 and 5:10 is what I am looking for, slightest break up, warm tone. Does any one have a suggestion? I have experimented but have not found the touch, this is however not surprising as there are so many possibilities on the Helix. Suggestions thankfully received!
  5. I have been waiting for this as an option and here it is. I haven´t been aware of my needing all this time, I will say, but now that it is here, eureka! This is fantastic!!!!!!!! Very nicely done guys! Thanks, garbanzo.
  6. Cool, this means you have both a tremendous and bewildering exprience if front of you.
  7. Thanks rd2rk! I am not sure how i> managed to make this mistake, but it is now rectified. I hope that if some else makes the same this thread will be of help.
  8. I have just downloaded the updater and see that it is a dmg file. On my W10 machine I am asked with what program do I want to open the file. What is my answer to that? I realise that I have been posed before this question before and cant quite remember hw I solved it. What do you more experienced users, and especially those with better memory's than mine do? Thanks in advance garbanzo
  9. Hej Datacommando! I just got my Mgear pedal from Thomann. Works great! Thanks for the recommendation. This opens up new features for me and makes some things much easier. Appreciate you recommendation!
  10. Thanks silverhead. Let me explain what my problem was. I had at some time changed Reapers audio devise setting from Helix ASIO to my pc´s card. I believe I was mixing something without the Helix, and forgot to reset it. I am sure that another part of the problem was that I had not turned on the phantom power which I did yesterday. But because of the audio setting this was of course not enough. I am now on the right track, which I appreciate tremendously. Perhaps this thread may be of help for others floundering like myself. It is good people like you who make this forum so beneficial.
  11. Hello Musiclaw and silverhead, and thanks for the additional input! I have now turned on the phantom power for my mic, and now that works. Still my problems persist. I must have missed something in the global settings?! even though I have gone through them this morning. The results are that I EITHER get my mic, OR my guitar in both channels in REaper, but not both at the same time. Btw, I have been using the studio pre on the mic line. I have only just begun to get oriented, most of my energy is still directed att solving the greater problem of having two simotanious channels. However if you have any suggestions as to using the mic and getting proper levels etc I am all ears. Any further suggestion you may have, I am very thankful! garb
  12. Hi and thanks siverhead! Let me say that your level of detail was very helpful, and made me realise that I was not as specific as I needed to be when posing my dilemma. Let me explain, I have a Helix rack, using a W10 PC with Reaper 6: -I have connected guitar and mic to respective H>elix inputs. -I have separate blocks, one for guitar and one for microphone, no connection. Guitar out usb1/2, mic out usb 3/4. -Helix is connected to PC via usb - in global settings I have increased the gain all the way, just to be sure. -I have created two tracks in reaper and designated guitar in "guitar" from the above 1/2 out from Helix, and likewise mic in from the 3/4 Helix out -Reaper has been used countless times and is ASIO source from Helix, has worked fine previously What I get is a very strong signal from the guitar, but no signal from the mic. I have worked with the routing matrix in Reaper, and tried all sorts of variations, but either get only guitar signal or no signal at all as I have screwed something up. At this point I close Reaper and start over, usually getting a very strong guitar signal but no mic signal input. There are so many adjustments, what could be missed?!
  13. I hope that I expose my level of knowledge with my question, if not, I am a beginner. I have however come to the stage of wanting to learn this feature. How do I connect both guitar and mic? In extension I wish to be able to record both the guitar and vocal on separate channels in Reaper. Today I connected both guitar and microphone with input in Helix on Multi, I got a read out for guitar in my DAW. I then changed Helix "input" to Mic from Multi resulting in no sound for either mic or guitar. Upon changing input back to Multi I still had no sound, this I finally resolved by restarting Helix with input on Multi and got my guitar sound back. I have not found a section in the manual, nor any videos on the subject. How do I set this up? Any and all explicit help is much appreciated Thanks garbanzo
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