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  1. pwnettle

    Helix wish list

    I wouldn't mind seeing a metronome either. Maybe add it as an "effect" like how the looper is done. Would be nice for practicing with headphones. (In fact I was just looking for a metronome app for my phone but then was thinking, derp, need it most at night when wife is sleeping and I'm having to use headphones)
  2. pwnettle

    Headphones for Helix

    Old topic but nobody really answered the wireless portion and I'm wondering the same thing. I have a set of old (and not that great) sony wireless that aren't working so well these days and that don't really have ideal quality to match the helix itself.
  3. pwnettle

    Pitch Shift Issues after the 2.0 Update

    I have 2.01 and if I try to do something like a -5 even with 100% mix there's a harmony going on that makes it kind of not so useful. I've heard people simulate a bass via helix and it seems like there shouldn't be any harmonizing going on with a 100% mix setting - just the altered pitch alone.
  4. pwnettle

    Assign footswitch only

    Thanks - this isn't how I've done it in the past but it did work. And by doing that, I figured out what I was missing in the menu. And either the wording changed with a firmware update (I went from 1.06 to 2.01 finally a few days ago) or I *am* getting senile in my old age (more likely), but the way to do it via menu is to select "bypass assign" - and this lets you edit existing footswitch assignments. My brain was really wanting that function to say something like "assign footswitch" and was completely disregarding it. Anyways. Mission accomplished - thanks for the replies.
  5. pwnettle

    Assign footswitch only

    This is probably a simple question but I feel like I'm going insane here. How can I assign an effect to a footswitch to just toggle it on and off? I can't seem to do this anymore and I know I did it before. When I hit menu the only option I have is assign controller and it forces a parameter to be involved, which I don't want, I just want to toggle on/off. I though maybe there was a limit to # of footswiches per patch (I have unassigned footswitches, of course) but even if I remove something it's the same thing. I also can't seem to edit existing footswitch assignments without it going into assign controller mode over top of existing - so I can't edit names of footswitches.
  6. pwnettle

    patch failed helix not booting...

    I was having this issue and what solved it for me was switching to using a rear usb on my pc. I was able to use my (weaker) front usb for helix-related stuff previously but this update wasn't working til I (dug up the extension I used to use for my previous POD) and switched. That or some voodoo combo of redoing this stuff over and over.
  7. pwnettle

    Latency between patch switching is unbearable

    I'm not sure I see what the problem is, other than not grasping how to use this kind of technology. Build flexible patches that include the effects and switches you need. Just how many different sounds do you need in one song (that anybody sane would reasonably pull off with a fully analog setup) ? Yeah, it'll be great some day when there's no lag when switching presets. Until then, do what does work? You can switch amps, switch tones completely have lots of effects, change settings, etc all in one preset. Tons of examples of it out there. You can load up a single preset way more than the average person would ever need - or anything in between.