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  1. Trying to set up my snapshots when I engage the patch (ex. 01B), the patch doesn't change yet...just brings up the 4 snapshots beneath it. So that I can see which snapshot I want to select. Right now, when I'm on 01A and hit 01B it automatically recalls the last snapshot i was using on 01B, I thought there was a settings preference to change this?
  2. I agree that tone, strings, etc....all will make differences but in the end I think a better rating system and ability to leave feedback like the Ultimate Guitar Tab forums you can quickly dial in if loading a patch will be worth your time or not. Right now there is no way for people that shouldn't be posting patches to get the hint that they shouldn't be. Additionally, the IR loading needs simplified. IR's should be attached to the patches. Its to complicated I have to worry that a certain IR is in slot 71 to link it to my patch, etc.
  3. When I got the Helix back in January it was simple and easy to use! I downloaded a patch from the website that somebody posted, and I was good to go. Now IR's have made the process almost annoying. Don't get me wrong, the IR's sound great when used properly. But the process to "demo" a patch is not user friendly 1. I have to load the patch. 2. I have to see what IR's your using 3. then figure out where to get them 4. load them 5. assign them 6. Uninstall the patch cause it sucks!! Line 6 Helix Feature Request! 1. Line 6 Custom Tone Site Needs to have the ability to leave feedback for a patch. A patch can be downloaded 100 times, but it can still suck!! Half the time it gets rated by accident. We need to be able to leave feedback. A. Dude, its WAY too low. B. Dude, this sounds NOTHING like whatever your trying to replicate. C. Dude, STOP uploading patches cause you suck at it!! 2. The Custom Tone Site needs to be able to filter patches with or w/o IR's. The site also needs to have a better way to list what the IR's are. I also think that a "audio" sample should be included so that we can see if its even close enough to try. 3. The storing of IR's on the Helix needs to be simplified. I don't know what the alternative is but the way it is now is not convenient. Its not "complicated"; I just spend more time loading patches/IR's than "playing" now it seems.
  4. Yep; I used both half and full step down all the time. Sounded great for the 80's Tunes we played at some pretty large venues so no issues in quality prior to 2.0
  5. Want to report a confirmed bug with Simple Pitch and Whammy. Prior to the 2.0 Upgrade I could use both of these features to tune my guitar down both a half and whole step and it sounded great. Post update the quality of the effect sounds better until you play certain chords or string variations and then it sounds like a garbled digital noise. I've replicated this issue on both features. Glenn Dulane has found the same issue. These features are critical for my use and they are now unusable. Original description of issue here: http://line6.com/support/topic/21635-pitch-shift-issues-after-the-20-update/
  6. There obviously has to be an issue with this if confirmed on two different units. I just want to make sure Line 6 is aware of this so that it gets resolved ASAP. I use this feature a lot!
  7. Glenn I was actually gonna email you to see if you had this issue too! Thanks for confirming that I'm not doing something wrong!
  8. So everything seems to be functioning normally now except for Pitch Shift. Despite differing opinions prior to the upgrade I've used both the whammy and single pitch shift pedal with great success tuning my guitar down a half and whole step for certain patches. After the update; both effects sound horrible when hitting certain notes. Not all the notes and/or chords. I even started with a clean patch to try and rebuild it thinking that something may be corrupt with older patches. Again; w/o varying opinions on the use of the this feature in which I use it; can anyone else confirm? I do notice the issue is drastically exaggerated at a whole step verses a half step. I realize with each half step there is an expected degradation of quality but I have not had this issue prior to the update. I read where they tweaked the pitch quality in the upgrade notes.
  9. So I tried one last time and I think that fixed it! 1. Plugged into same usb port I used when updating the firmware prior to 2.0 2. Reinstalled Firmware 2.0 3. Afterwards restarted holding down 9/10 switch. That seems to have fixed it? Gonna keep testing
  10. So I thought I updated my device with no issues. 1. I'm on 2.0 Firmware 1. I'm on 2.01 Editor I'm getting either a "Timeout waiting for Response from Device" Error or a "Operation failed edit buffer offline". Essentially it doesn't look like my device is communicating with the Editor although the device is fine until I open the editor and then ends up "locked" on the patch that its on last when I open the editor. I have re-installed firmware 3 times. The third time I connected USB directly to my mac instead of the hub thinking that was the issue but that has made no change. I'm on a mac with latest OS installed. Any ideas?
  11. This is how I do it....the downfall is that you can't tweak on stage whenever you want since the sound guy is controlling your volume. I always use the XLR's to the sound guy....if you wanted an amp on stage just for stage volume you can also run a 1/4 line out to your amp...I've done this on occasion. In the past I've used 1 or 2 tech 21's with the flat response that I added the tweeters too for the higher tones. In my opinion with the Helix if your using flat response speakers, its sorta redundant to use a monitor UNLESS you need it for stage volume.
  12. Right now I use the 1/4 line out to run to my talk box, and vocal pitch pedal. Typically I use xlr to the mixers when playing live, but at rehearsal it could be the 1/4 line out. I would like to set up my line out to one of the send channels but I'm assuming I would have to add this to every patch I use...is there a global way to do this once only?
  13. I would test those just as a "baseline". The kits now are much better than what those At-200's had in them. I miss the alternate tunings and different guitar models my roland equipment had, but not the 13pin cable. You can even use a wireless setup with this. The autotune kits have much better response than the variax and roland kits as well.
  14. Don't overlook this option! I've been using the GR55 GP10's the last 4 years in live gigs. I've just recently switched to the Helix. I've installed several of the GK kits into my guitars, so I consider myself an expert in this area. By the time you've spent the money on the variax just to get the guts and the graph tech options, this autotune kit does essentially the same thing in terms of a "variax". but w/o having to use the 13 pin cables. They are doing what Variax should have done all along and selling just the guts so you can put it in the guitar you actually want to play that doesn't look like lollipop! I know they rave about these on vguitar forums and they have a $300 discount price through their website. http://www.autotuneforguitar.com/products/products.php?category=Custom_Installation_Kits_7
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