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  1. Thanks!!!!!, I was thinking the same thing! Do you think 2 TRS stereo speaker cables would balance out the impedance load, allowing for all 6 speakers to work w/o burning up my amp? Thanks again!!! ................... Tonnie
  2. Hey everyone I have a mystery that is a potential problem!!!!! I have recently got into line6 gear, (I have dove into IT!) :D It is MORE than I ever thought it would be. Having said that I will get to my worry!! I bought a Spider IV 150combo.. Then I bought the FVB shortboard MKII. of course I had to have the "extension pedal",. finally on a whim I bought a line6 4x12 stereo cab. with a max. WATTS of 150w each channel. Here is where I get concerned... The combo has a "L" and a "R" channel OUT PUT, (both say 8 OHMS), just as the cab. has a "R" and "L" input.... The "L" channel of the cab. says, "USE LEFT JACK IN MONO"..(4OHMS) NOW when I plug 2 mono speaker cables into said cab. inputs, the combo speakers turn OFF but the cab. works fine. NOW if I plug in just one mono cable to the cab's left only "4 ohms" jack, BOTH the cab. and combo. speakers work and SEEM to be in STEREO as well, even when I'm jamming along with my ipod connected in this configuration.... My WORRY is the AMP. is getting VERY HOT!!!! I have some long hours, playing METAL at High VOLUMES, w/o incident.... IS THIS JUST DUMB LUCK I HAVEN'T BLOWN MY AMP UP!?!?!?!?!? Would 1or 2 TRS speaker cables help out, or am I just asking too much from it??? AS far as I can tell the combo shout be able to run a FULL STACK just like the "150HD"-head...? right? their the same amp for all practical purposes.... right??? Any way being a "NOOBY" to this wonderful line6 world, I sure could use a LOT of help in different configurations-allowable!!!! And advice on ANYTHING ELSE I should know.. e.g., U-TUBE sites, downloads, exc... Thank YOU SO MUCH FOR ANY INFO. AND HELP!!!!!!!!!! tonnie :wacko: :blink: :huh: :o :ph34r: B) :wub: :unsure: ?
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