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  1. Hello, I have a Studio One RM32Ai Mixer which has all the latest update installed. I also use the Universal Control which is also the latest version. I own a Helix which I just finished firm ware update to 2.01. I have my Helix connected via USB to my PC however I hear nothing or see no signal to my mixer. Any thoughts of what is not connected correctly via signal path?
  2. I had purchased both the AX8 and Helix. I demoed them both and they both are equally great sounding units. I am returning the AX8 because of the user interface and no expression pedal. The Helix interface, numerous I/O's and expression pedal makes the Helix a better bang for buck for my needs.
  3. :D LMAO, I was trying to engage it with my hand on the table. LOL I got it to trigger on and off. Reading the manual it looks like volume is defaulted to toe as is volume. I don't find much need for a volume pedal but for fading in and out delay or other modulation effects yes.
  4. I must be blind where is this toe switch?
  5. I now have both the Helix and the AX8 my first findings are they both are awesome devices! Yeah I know no news flash here. The first test I did was to see if these could replace my analog rack rig and pedals and the answer is yes! That was great. The first one I will be working with is the Helix being it seems a bit easier to navigate right out of the box. One question I have already is how do you toggle between Expression pedal 1 & 2 if you assingn 1 for volume and 2 for Wah? What is the work around for doing "Scene" type settings with the Helix like the AX8?
  6. I have a classic Keely Time Machine Boost, a old Boss Tuner, a Teese RMC3 Wah, Ernie Ball Volume, and a Mission Expression pedal as well as a pair of H9's. None of them are going anywhere. I hope the Helix or AX8 which I order can fit the bill of the Modeler to end all modelers. However I have a gut feeling it won't. But will be a quality option for many scenarios.
  7. I will most likely keep everything, until I realize it is gathering lots of dust. I also have an interest in the Synergy Module Tube System but for now I want to see if FRFR will do the trick with Helix or AX8
  8. Hi glideman, What were the main reasons to sell the AX8? Why Kemper and Helix?
  9. I am looking for a digital modeler and have been in a quandary as per which one to buy? That being said I ordered both a Helix and an AX8 and will be comparing them over the next 15 days. The main purpose for this is to move towards a more compact FRFR guitar rig with a combined pedal/amp board and a pair of powered FRFR guitar wedges. Here is what I presently own. Rack Furman Power Conditioner A pair of Sennheiser Wireless systems, (one for acoustic one for electric guitar) Egnater M4 Pre-Amp with TD, VX, SL2, and EG5 modules Palmer PGA-05 Speaker simulator (amp load for M4) Rane 6 channel stereo mixer Pedal Board Boss TU-2 Teese RM3 Wah Keeley Time Machine Boost H9 and H9 Core (Rane Effects loop) Acoustic guitar channel 1 Rane Electric Guitar (Egnater > Palmer) channel 2 Rane H9, H9 Core > effects loop Rane Speakers ​ A pair of Xitone 1x12 Matrix powered FRFR coaxial wedge monitors. This is all for performing and recording. Replace rack and pedal board with Helix or AX8 Thoughts?
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