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  1. I know the OP was a long time ago - but since it has bubbled up - I will opine. I am blown away by the sounds in this little box. I have had mine for a few weeks and am more amazed every time I go to reproduce a sound. I have created an ambient pad that is amazing - three delays stacked with a huge shimmer verb on top of that. The HD Plexi amps are outstanding and it takes an OD pedal in front of the chain really well - very realistic compared to its analog. We run DI at our church - so the reproduction live is exactly what I expect after setting the sounds in headphones. There are bugs - and I HOPE there will be another patch to address and improve. Laggy changes - so I try to have everything I need in one patch and just turn fx on and off. The bluetooth is buggy. The fx loop is not true bypass - so noise comes in when loop is off if you have a noisy pedal. Editing without a device is VERY cumbersome - and no desktop USB editing with the old software. But if you bought it to play guitar - pretty much any song created since amplification and stringed instruments were invented - then you will be thrilled with this device and the incredible sounds it can create.
  2. I have been using Line 6 since the first red bean - I remember getting excited when the update CHIP came out... I have been faithful to the brand ever since. That said - we are getting too used to the iOS/Android app and hardware model with perpetual updates to 99 cent apps - in fact, my original Angry Birds just updated today - how long has that been around???? I finally traded up from my X3 Live to the Firehawk and am absolutely astounded at the improvements and the quality of the delays and reverbs - the touch of and air around the HD amp models is amazing. I cannot wait to plug into the board at church next weekend and hear the new ambient pads I can do with this thing. I am looking forward to using this for years - whether it gets updated again or not. All that to say... I do think that Apple/Android model should be considered a for a minute with the new devices and with the evolving expectations of the user community. Considering that the processing power is so high and the hardware is really heavy duty - it is almost a waste to not run the life cycle out a bit longer. I would eagerly fork over good cash to download and install new models and features to this device - like I can in AmpliTube and JamUp on my iPad. IMHO - this is the ideal size, shape, and layout (tho I would prefer the FX ON/OFF) - and I REALLY like the ability to edit from my iPad or phone. I have had a few connection issues -- and just rebooted the iPad and it has worked fine - inconvenient - but way better than the X3 with the cryptic menus and forgetting that I was on the top row and not the second row when turning the knobs. So I guess your perspective and expectations of the Firehawk may also be shaped by where you came from to get to where you are now. New features would be cool though! :-)
  3. Same problem here - I'm sunk - cannot edit or open any of my presets. Line 6 X3 Live - no driver installed no matter how many times I install the drivers. :(
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