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  1. aaronbrito

    Help with Audio interface setup

    Can anyone tell me what the optimal settings for sample rate and bit depth for the helix drivers are?
  2. aaronbrito

    Help with Audio interface setup

    You are right. I was looking at the input latency I believe. Output latency is 48 ms or so.. With 64 samples, I get an output latency of 8.4 ms. What I've done now is set the Helix sample rates (both as a playback device and a recording device in Windows) to 48 Khz, 24 bit. I've also set this bit depth in the ASIO control panel for the Helix. In my DAW, studio one, I set the block size to 64 samples, sample rate to 48 Khz and bit depth to 24 bit. I'm running all this from a laptop with i6820HK processor and 32 gigs of RAM. I'm still hearing crackles that go away when the block size is switched to 128 samples. The crackles exist with even one sample instrument loaded. Any other tips/ solutions?
  3. aaronbrito

    Help with Audio interface setup

    I will be trying to experiment with this later today...just posted this in case there is no other option and I need to get an interface...from what I've been reading though...the Audient could have similar latency?...
  4. aaronbrito

    Help with Audio interface setup

    Been recording with the Line 6 helix as my primary audio interface. Works ok for guitar parts, with direct monitoring but as soon as I switch to virtual instruments, anything below 256 samples gives me some clicks and pops. 256 samples has a latency of around 8-9 ms. I have been considering getting an Audient ID14. Questions: 1. Will this improve the latency situation for use with Virtual instruments? (soft synths, kontakt etc....) 2. How do I connect the Helix to the SPDIF in on the Audient? 3. Will I have to keep changing the sample rate on the Audient when moving from Helix recording to VI recording etc. etc.? 4. Will I have to connect the Helix both via a line out and via SPDIF to acheive reamping functionality? I also welcome suggestions for other interfaces. 300 USD max please...
  5. aaronbrito

    Improved 3sigma IRs

    Yup...A few files have them...thanks!...is it possible to copy-paste the text from the email tho...I haven't received one yet...
  6. aaronbrito

    Improved 3sigma IRs

    I had given up completely on 3Sigma cause they sounded so lollipope to me.... Went and downloaded the IRs again to give them a shot based on this... How do I know I've got the newer versions tho? I have: Fried-412, Mes-OS-Rec and VX-15
  7. aaronbrito

    Helix LT...Real ??

    Does anyone else feel cheated with the release of the LT? Why - The Helix has stuff I don't use (which are not present in the LT). Could've saved myself 400 USD?
  8. aaronbrito

    Helix FW 2.20 (The "Get Low" Update) OUT NOW

    First up, I'd like to thank Line 6 for all the new goodies. Was hoping for an improved editor and improved quality reverbs (as some have already stated on here) - but I'll take the update anyway :). If the update had only been "improvements", I would probably have clamored for new amps, effects etc. Such is life. Here's hoping Line 6 is working hard on the next update and in pushing the boundaries in terms of both quantity and quality - Quality foremost for me.
  9. aaronbrito

    Helix FW 2.20 (The "Get Low" Update) OUT NOW

    Hey guys , Can someone tell me what's new about the editor besides a version number change? Looks the same to me...
  10. aaronbrito

    Helix FW 2.20 (The "Get Low" Update) OUT NOW

    Another awesome looking update! This + VST/ Plug-in and a new editor interface! Awesome....
  11. aaronbrito

    Helix or Axe8 ? And do you still NEED compressors ?

    Which makes the Helix an even more attractive option IMO. Regarding the multitude of I/O options..I don't use them much myself but it's good to know that they're there when you might need them right?
  12. aaronbrito

    I have returned to Line 6 and bought a Helix

    Good luck and welcome back!
  13. aaronbrito

    Helix or Axe8 ? And do you still NEED compressors ?

    Anyhow, I don't think the real comparison should be between the AX8 and the Helix. It should be the Axe FX II vs the Helix.
  14. aaronbrito

    Helix or Axe8 ? And do you still NEED compressors ?

    https://wiki.fractalaudio.com/axefx2/index.php?title=AX8_versus_Axe-Fx_II#Effects_and_parameters Under the section "Effects and Parameters": " Compared to the Axe-Fx II there are a few differences in blocks supporting X/Y switching. There is one instance available of each effect, for example a single Compressor block, Amp, Cab, Pitch etc, with some exceptions. All "types" within a specific effect (all amp models, all compressor types etc.) are included. " I think 2 delays and 2 drives are possible though.
  15. aaronbrito

    Helix competitor comming at NAMM?

    Competitions always nice :). I think this also goes to show that many agree that the Helix UI is definitely the way forward. Wondering what Line 6 has up it's sleeves for the Helix at NAMM :).