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  1. That is quite a basic solution, I've been trying to manage. But it is very inconvenient for me (given the positions of the speaker controls, computer and the pro) and more importantly I just don't understand why we cannot tweak the system volume.. I wonder, do Windows users have this problem?
  2. I am using hd500x plugged in directly via USB to a Macbook pro. I get the sounds. Both the guitar and the computer playback sound fine. However, volume controls on the mac does not seem to work. I tried the slider under the sys preferences > sound (hd500x selected as output device), but that does not change the output level either - mac's volume change effect plays each time I play with the slider, but its volume is always the same.. Volume knobs on the pedal are set to reasonable levels. master volume knob just turns up everything (computer + guitar), while amp knob adjusts the guitar. Even when I max the amp volume out, guitar output is much quieter than the computer, which means I need to turn the computer down, which I cannot do. Does anyone have this problem?
  3. hi there, I got the exact same problem and I spent some time looking for a solution. While I don't know the reason why this happens, I was able to solve the problem by just changing the USB port I used on my computer. I just plugged it in a different port and the Monkey was able to update the flash no problem.
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