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  1. I haven't even checked out slimdrivers yet (definitely will after this post though) but I switched the USB ports around and boom, problem solved. When I got my rack gear I revamped the studio and wiring a bit and didn't even think about the fact that I switched the USB ports around to make room - I can't believe I overlooked something as simple as that lol. Thanks very much for the help!
  2. Sorry about that, I'm running Windows 7 and using REAPER as my DAW. Although I'm not sure it should mater about which DAW I'm using as I am also experiencing the skipping/crackling sort of sound with other applications as well as online (Media Player, iTunes, Youtube, Soundcloud, ect.) And as I mentioned there seems to be no problem with the cables because they work fine with my M-Audio. My only thoughts are that I overlooked some small detail somewhere, I could try the balanced outputs, or (God forbid) there's something faulty with the hadware? Any other ideas?
  3. Hey there guys, brand new here on the forum! I just picked up a Pod HD Pro a few days ago and it's my first rack modeling system, really excited to get deep into all it has to offer! I'm pretty familiar with recording and audio troubleshooting but I've noticed I'm having some weird playback issues. I'm running the HD Pro via USB directly to the computer with 1/4 unbalanced outs to connect to my monitors. I don't seem to have any trouble with the signal going in while playing or recording but when I am playing things back through the monitors I notice some skipping is occurring, sometimes subtle, sometimes quite obviously. Previously I was running an M-Audio Fast Track Pro interface and using the outputs on there for my speakers. I tried using the same 1/4 unbalanced cables and connecting my monitors through that again and I noticed no skipping. I also have the most updated firmware and drivers installed for the HD Pro so I'm not sure where the problem could lie. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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