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  1. I actually got it to work again. and no static which is weird. I wonder what was causing it. I installed Pod Farm 2 and re-installed the drivers as well (for a second time). and that did the trick. Yea, my Pod X3 actually did come with Pod Farm 2 cause I had it installed on my PC way before I even bought the UX2. I've had my X3 since 2009? something like that. I just recently got my UX2 earlier this year. But anyway, thanks for the help guys! see you around :)
  2. I did run License Manager, but there was nothing for me to do in it. It just shows me what's authorized and what I have installed. Also I do own Pod Farm 2 since I also own a Pod x3. (i'm not sure if the ux2 comes with it as well) I just didn't install it because I always use Pod Farm 1. I didn't think I would need to install Pod Farm 2. But now that you mention it, I'm assuming Pod Farm 2 is the one that comes with the all the models? I'll try installing that and see if that works.
  3. I recently reinstalled everything from pod farm to the ux2 drivers because my mic was picking up a static sound these past couple days. I was trying to figure out what it was. I changed chords for the mic and USB, nothing. Tried reinstalling everything like I said, and the problem is still there. Since the installation, I've lost all my models (amps, effects, etc.) that came with the UX2. All I have is the noise gate, compressor and the equalizer. I updated everything and no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hey, guys! I've been a user of my Pod X3 for about 3-4 years now and I loved that it came with lots of effects, amps, and whatnot. Unfortunately, my computer died a couple months ago and I finally got a new PC with all the programs that I need to run up and going. The only thing I can't really get back to work correctly is the Pod X3. It had a mass amounts of guitar amps and bass amps (etc.) on my old computer.. but now switching it to this computer I only have a measly 2 guitar amps, 2 bass amps, Etc. What happened? Also, i did the license manager thing after I installed the drivers and Pod Farm 1 & 2 but I honestly don't remember the username and password for it since it was so long ago and I've switched my email over and over again (for reasons) I can come up with an idea of what the password might be since I've been using the same couple passwords for numerous years. But for some reason it won't recognize my registered device (and yes it was successfully installed with drivers and all). All I want is to have all my effects back :( someone help?
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