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  1. I installed my UX2 and Pod Farm to a new Win 10 Pro system recently. Everything was working fine. Today I started it again. Now I get an error saying "Tone file not found". Advice is to "press the Refresh button in the Presets tab to refresh your Tone Library". Otherwise fine and dandy, but for my life I can't find a "Presets tab" anywhere. All the tones are where they are supposed to be, in Documents\Line 6\Tones\POD Farm 2. They can be loaded individually and work just fine. I believe Pod Farm lost the presets when I moved my Documents folder from C-drive (SSD used only for Windows, applications and recording audio) to D-drive (regular HDD used for data storage). Now could someone please advise where is the "Presets" tab? If, as it seems, this does not exist, do I have any other way to recover the tones except for reinstalling the Pod Farm?
  2. Thanks AusMakka, I was referring to Gaz_Ham's "I bet Helix drivers work great". Unconfirmed assumptions are not really very helpful... So the problem isn't related to Windows installation or my previous laptop. I just got the same issue with the new one. I'll check if Helix drivers work - not holding my breath - and if not, then open a support case.
  3. Mate this is a 2-line device. You can't have both Mics and both instrument inputs in use at the same time. The basic guide states that you can use either the raw or padded instrument input, but not both simultaneously. Can't confirm as have never tested, 2 mics or one mic and one instrument at the same time do work. Check out the manuals at https://line6.com/support/manuals/podstudioux2 They are pretty decent.
  4. Has anyone tested Helix drivers? Just installed everything on a new laptop. Now if I only could get the License Manager to login so I could authorize this setup... Line6 does have some work to do with the web services. Even deauthorizing old devices fail :(
  5. Thanks AusMakka ... but I don't find a way to do that other than showing in my screenshot. And setting onboard soundcard to Default device and assigning everything else but system sounds to the UX2 didn't help. I'm getting a new laptop in a few days. I'll test with that one - but based on this thread alone I'm not confident it would help. If it doesn't I'll open a case.
  6. I tried now doing this the other way round... configuring the on-board soundcard as Default device so System sounds go there. Then I configured every single application where I need sound to use UX2 as their output. Didn't help, less than 20 minutes after that sound got lost again. I've reinstalled Pod Studio and the drivers separately for a few times, no help. Following advice on Microsoft forums I tried changing my on-board soundcard driver to Realtek... that didn't work as the driver's still Microsoft. What next? :-(
  7. Hi all I use at home UX2 interface. However that's a bit bulky to carry around, and it appears I can't buy Pod Studio GX anymore. Can I use Sonic Port VX with Pod Studio? If not, can I use a non-Line6 interface like Alesis Core 1?
  8. I've been experiencing the same issue ever since switching to Win 10 Pro. Sound drops unexpectedly. Win7 Pro worked without a glitch. This can happen while I'm streaming from the Inertnet or while I'm using VLC to watch videos, so it doesn't seem to be a browser issue. The only way to restore sound is, again, reboot. When it's happening with a web stream, the video stops there and then, and no other video can be started. The system might work for two weeks without problems, or the sound might again disappear a couple of minutes after reboot. Last time this happened I tested the laptop's in-build speakers. Those made a noise, so assigning Windows sounds to in-built speakers seems like a valid option. In app volume and device preferences I can assign other applications to other sound devices, but Windows system sounds only allow Default, see attached. Any ideas where the heck should I look next?
  9. I just did a fresh Win10 Pro yesterday. Today I added my UX2 - horribly garbled, distorted sound. For several years with Win 7 it's been quite happy connected to the Docking station. After testing a few solutions in these forums without success I found one that works: plugging the device directly on the laptop. Now playback at least work, haven't tested recording yet... Any idea where the issue now is? Line6 driver, some Microsoft scheife (there's at least that - I don't have "Enhancements" tab in the device properties anymore) or is it the manufacturer's cockup?
  10. It fixed itself. Windows never seizes to amaze :P
  11. Bah. New driver not compatible with the laptop soundcard...
  12. Not quite so n00bie mistake :) Yes, the headphones are on UX2. I don't think it's a driver issue either, as previous installation used the same driver. OS is Win7 Enterprise 64bit. I just found out that there is actually a later driver, just downloading that but don't think that'll change anything...
  13. I've been using my Ux2 for a few months. Now I had to reinstall my system. After that for some reason I don't seem to get any in- or output to the POD Farm. In POD Farm HW settings UX2 ToneDirect is the only available option. In Windows 7 Sound Control Panel I disabled all other out- and inputs but UX2. When I look into Recording settings, I can see sound coming in to Windows, but see nothing in POD Farm itself, and have no sound whatsoever. Attached a .rtf with screenshots. I'm pretty sure I'm just overlooking something simple'n stupid... any help welcome...
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