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  1. Thanks Triryche ! You were RIGHT !! Thank you so much Problem solved !!
  2. POD XT live to the effect loop of my Carvin amp. Anything to do with A I R ? Thanks for help
  3. Hi everybody, While attempting to connect my POD XT live to my preamp (with amp simulation off), I found that all my tone exhibit much reverb. However I have no reverb activated in my presets... Does anyone knows how to get rid off reverb ? Where does it comes from ? Thanxs Val
  4. Hi everybody, I would require some help from some of you ! I own a POD XT live & I would like to use it both as a multi effect processor and a midi controller for my triaxis (V2) preamp. My goal is to activate a chanel change on the triaxis with both an effect from the POD with ONE SINGLE FOOTSWITCH on stage. Obviously I've switched off the amp simulation on the POD (not to interact with triaxis) but I can't succeed in changing of chanel and effect with it I seems there is no dialog between the POD and the triaxis... Please help me if you know the answer ! :o Would anyone give me the step-by-step (i am a beginner in MIDI) procedure ? :lol: Thanks Val
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