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  1. Did you solve the problem? I updated win 7 to win 10 and I have a distorted sound and I still frame the picture when playing movies
  2. @ticaw, @aleshin, @Svartsol, @juanviavelez did you solve the problem It's the same for me. A few days ago I was upgrading win7 to win10 and the sound was distorted, in addition, when playing movies, the picture frames. Ux1 issue Win10.wmv
  3. 349/5000 After upgrading to Windows 10, UX1 doesn't work. Under Windows 7 I used it as an external sound card and everything was OK. After upgrading to Win10, the sound is the same as in the movie and the playback image is slowed down. Whether on youtube or on a movie from disk. Latest drivers - Could someone help me? UX1_on_Win10.mpg
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