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  1. Q: What should I do If I am experiencing connection issues with the AMPLIFi Remote app when I swtich back and fourth between apps on my iOS device?..... There is no switching back and forth between apps involved. Amplifi is the ONLY app I have running and I keep it open when I am jamming so that I have control (or at least wished I had). It loses functionality without any external influence. Yet the music plays on...........
  2. Yes, I upgraded the firmware. Not sure what, if any, improvements it made but the problem persists with just as much regularity.
  3. Having the same issues. Starts up fine, lets me have maybe a song's worth of fun and then greys out all of the amp functions, but will merrily continue to stream my music collection. I have both ipad, and iphone. Neither can keep a connection with the amp for more than a few minutes. If this a fault of the unit rather than the app itself, it would be nice if Line 6 could make a comment, then I could just go back to the store for a replacement.
  4. You can assign four different tones to the tone banks on the amp. You can then use a footswitch to manually change between the four.
  5. Don't just think of getting an ipad for Amplifi only. Think of it as opening the door for a whole host of musical goodness. I've got a 32gb ipad that is positively brimming with music apps. Trainers, lessons, backing, amp-modellers, loopers, fx, tabs, chord trainers etc. Many of the apps will integrate seamlessly with each other via Audio Bus. The ipad is one of the few items I have that I would replace in a heart-beat if it were ever lost/stolen/damaged. And the fact that it now controls my Amplifier is a nice bonus.
  6. Update. I have got it sorted now. I hadn't realised that you drag it all the way to the setlist. I thought the double clicking should do it. Thank you. :)
  7. Yes to all. I can locate the file, and I've got a space in the user presets in mind. And I was mindful to specify HD500X compatible files only. And the file just sits there greyed out.
  8. I'm trying to download tones from Customtone using my Mac. I can download the files no problem, although they are tiny in size, is 8kb correct? When I go to the HD Edit program and try to select the files I cannot because they are greyed out. Any suggestions?
  9. I'm with you all the way on this. Let's have a left-hander please. Lefties make up around 10% of guitar players, yet the guitar shops I visit probably have about 2% of their stock in l/h models. I realise the old "from a business point of view" etc, but I just don't get it. In these days of recession ANY profit is not to be sneezed at. And guess what? If I could get my hands on a lefty Variax, then I'd probably be looking at a DT25, coupled with an HD500X. Ooh look, Line 6's profit just got even better. Without a Variax I'd probably buy neither because if I couldn't unlock all of the features then I'd be looking at the competitions offerings instead which are plentiful. Which is a shame 'cos we'd ALL like chance of the "Dream Rig"
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