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  1. The device isn't stolen... He had put velcro strips on the back for a case, I'm assuming he took it off. Is the serial on the black thing? The bar code? Because it is worn away, no less due to the velcro strips. Finally, the guy is a good friend, for many years, he goes to church with me... But yeah, I'm leaning towards refund now... This is rather stupid. Also, is the device defective? I cannot get this thing to work..!
  2. 1. I bought it used, there is no serial on the back. I contacted my friend regarding the following questions. A. Had you registered your device? B. Do you have the serial number? C. Had your device worked with LINE6 MONKEY? 2. Do I have to register the device for it to work? 3. I tried installing the drivers w/o actually hooking up the device, on three machines now, none of the computers recognize the device. Windows update says it can't find anything, after I installed the 4.x.x.x drivers. 4. I am now trying it within a virtual machine on my desktop, running windows XP I'll let you know how that goes. And dude, yes I've downloaded the monkey/drivers... I have a little bit of common sense... :) Thanks though.
  3. Hey, Just bought a POD X3 Live from a friend, he said his POD worked with the Monkey program. I have tried just about everything, but windows 7 doesn't recognize the pod, and Line6 monkey/gearbox say its not plugged in. Do I have to put the device in usb mode or something, what am I doing wrong. I really don't want to have to get my money back from this guy, this device is pretty cool... Thanks, godbless. Device: POD X3 LIVE OS: WIN7 64 BIT CPU: I5 3570 (3.8GHZ) GPU: HD 7750 RAM: 8GB 1600MHZ HD: 500GB, 250GB, 160GB
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