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  1. Slammy, I use the On-Stage Stands MIX400 mixer stand. IMHO, it works quite well with the M20D. If you haven't done so already, I would also recommend that you pick up the dust cover (or "Guinness Guard", as we refer to it in our Irish band) for the mixer.
  2. Yamaha recently announced the TF series of mixers. From what I have read, these include some touchscreen functions, automatic gain setting, presets for microphones from various manufacturers, and much more. I thoroughly enjoy using our M20d mixer with our L3t mains and L2m monitors. Like many of you, though, I have been waiting patiently for a further upgrade to the M20d that might enhance some of its features and address some of the idiosyncrasies that have been identified. In light of Yamaha's announcement, my faith that Line 6 would come through with a further upgrade is sagging. What do you think? What are the implications, if any, of Yamaha's announcement for the future of the M20d?
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