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  1. So I ordered my M20d through Sweetwater 2 months ago and alas I finally got it last week and the damn thing freezes up on me every time I use it. I've restored it to factory and have loaded the most recent update but nothing seems to help. It is absolutely frustrating to wait for a product only to find it doesn't work. I contacted Sweetwater today and will be sending it back tomorrow and selecting another brand of mixer. It's a shame because it sounded great.
  2. Thanks Silverhead and ColonelForbin, I realize this is not the place to get definitive answers. I am confident that the capacity of the board will serve my needs and am also confident in the reputation of Line 6. I'm looking for a multi use board that I can use in smaller venues in a more self-serve scenario (no sound man with a 5 piece band in addition to serving as an I/O for my DAW. I like the idea of using L6 but am not married to it. I guess after 7 weeks of waiting, buyers remorse and 2nd guessing are beginning to sink in. It would probably make me less restless if I had an idea as to delivery date.
  3. Thanks for the response however I have to disagree. If there is one thing I've learned in 30 years of making music AND developing technology its that scalability should always be a consideration. All 4 boards will serve my needs today so future support and scalability is important. I've owned and continue to own numerous Line 6 products Variax JTV-59, PodXT, Amplifi FX100, Stagesource L2t / L2m and have always been impressed with the quality of the product. However, the long delay in shipping combined with the comments about slow / no release updates and communication are making me wonder if Line 6 is planning on making a major product shift away from the M20D. Having once worked for Apple they would exhibit a similar behavior when sunsetting products.
  4. I ordered an M20D through Sweetwater (still waiting for it to be shipped) but have since read numerous posts and am worried by what appears to be the lack of support from Line 6 regarding updates, etc. I placed my order nearly 2 months ago and am still waiting for Sweetwater to receive inventory. Should i cancel my order and go with another board such as the Studiolive, Touchmix or x32 or will it be worth it for me to stay patient?
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