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  1. So the order would be: Guitare into pedal--> into POD--> directly into the ENGL combo amp. The ENGl combo amp should be on clean channel? If I use the pre amp models of the POD...i cant use the other channels of the ENGL? The output mode allows me that the pod is using the cab of the combo amp? I dont understand the pros. :/
  2. Hi Community, Meanwhile I am bedroom player. So If i want a good sound...I have to make my combo amp (ENGL Screamer) loud. On the other hand I have a POD HD BEAN. I heard about a method to connect an amplifier with the POD HD. So does this method allows me, that the tone goes from the guitar into the combo amp --> from the combo amp into the POD HD and the cab sim of the POD HD--> and than out of the stereo speakers? Or does the sound come from the cab of the combo amp? Can I also play around with the settings of my amp (gain, bass... clean channel, distorted channel)? Can I also put an overdrive pedal in front of the combo amp? I thank you in advance for the help.
  3. Hi Community, today I saw Video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6AUf_MvLxE) and asked myself...why I have never done that? There may be problems if I connect my overdrivepedal more often directly with my POD HD BEAN? The tone is great..better than the Screamer or other overdrivepedals of the POD HD BEAN could do. Thank you very much for the answer
  4. Hey guys, Two questions :) using the metalpack and since that time, i don't know how I shall deal with the Peavy. It's a great amp but so much bass is going on there. I use the amp in combination with the XXL-V30 cab. So the result is a aggressive tone with lot of bass. Normally, reducing the "boomy-spot" with a parametric-eq has always work (got it from MeAmBobbo's gudie). Also cutting 700Hz, making some room for drums with cutting 220Hz, 440Hz (graphic eq) works well. You can also use the screamer in front of the amp to clean up the tone but...this time...these eq's (220Hz, 440Hz, 700Hz) will destroy the tone and the parametric-eq works only a little bit. Normally, I try to create rhythm-patches for modern progressive metal (aiming for a distorted tone with mids which have dynamics and you can play also big 6-string chords). Cutting the bass much on the amp makes him a knife. Maybe someone knows to handle that beast or has some good tips? The second question is: Does someone know an amp on the POD HD which tone is similar or less similar to the Friedman BE 100? Try to create some lead-patches (smooth, reverb and without for reverb) to cover some parts of "Intervalls: The Shape of Colour". I thank you in advance :)
  5. Hey Everyone^^, after I saw some videos about connecting the POD HD 500, Pro X .... via 4 cable method with an amp I asked myself, can i do this with the POD HD Bean too? At home I have an Engl Screamer 50 and the POD HD Bean and I "love" the warm tone of the Screamer 50^^. The Bean has "Left/Right Output" and I thought about to use this in combination with the Input of the Engl. There is also the FX Loop Send/Return of the Engl. Maybe I have to chance the Setting of the Pod but before I do anything, I need some advice's ^^ Thanks for your help
  6. Hey guys, at the moment I try to use LeCab2 (to load cabs). The Problem is that I have no Idea how to start LeCab2 with Reason Limited which I received at purchase of a line6 product for free. Normally I have to put the dll.file into a folder which is called VST Plugins which must be located in the main folder. But the only folder is a "Factory Sound Bank" and I cant add something to these plugins. Has anyone ever used some impulses like amps or cabs in Reason Limited and knows how to do that?
  7. I apologize that I have posted this post Everyone who has this problem and uses ZoneAlarm should look under the suspended accesses and have to unlook these if these belong to Line 6. That seems to messed it up.
  8. Hey, i adressed this problem in another topic before. (using POD HD "Bean") Line 6 Monkey cant connect to the server. Line 6 Licence Manager cant connect too. At the end of the year of 2014 I updated my bean so its been a while I have started the program. In 2014 everything works fine. Using the edit software with USB is no problem. I can also login myself but I get no connection to the server. Using the website is also no problem. The only thing which suprised me was that my bean and my computer were not authorized. So I authorized these via Line 6 Licence Manager. The funny thing is that right now these objects are authorized but how could the Line 6 Licenece Manager authorized my pc and the bean without connection to the line 6 servers O.o. I updated the Line 6 Monkey manually to 1.71 but nothing changes. Does anyone have a solution?
  9. Thanks for the video Questions answered :) Today I Just tried to connect via Line 6 Monkey to the line 6 Servers and It says that its not possible to connect ("Could not connect to to the Line6 server to determine if updates are available"). Is the server currently down (Europe) or I'm the only one who has this problem?
  10. Hey Guys, just for a few days I noticed that there exists a new Metal-Pack which can be purchased :) . I have some questions about it. So can I also used it with the POD HD "Desktop"? If the answer is "YES" how works the online purchase of this product and how can I activate it on my account and download it into my POD HD? I hope that my english is not to bad and someone could help me :) I thank you in advance for the help ^_^
  11. Hey Hey Hey :) Is it possible to create a sparkle tone with the "POD HD Desktop"? Using the POD HD for different tone characters like crunch or warm smooth sounds but I dont know to get a sparkle tone in combination with a high gain amp. I mean something like tone of "Voodoo Sparkle drive mod" or for example( ) First part of the video: Hope you can hear this sparkle characteristics of Misha's rhythm patch. By the way: I'm not interested of copieng this patch. I know that these guys using an "Axe FXII" but the POD HD is also well known for creating great tones B) Does somebody know how to create a sparkle tone? Are there any pedals or effects that allow such a tone? Thanks for the reply ;)
  12. Hey^^ Next to my POD HD "Desktopt" I also use an "ENGL Screamer 50 Combo E330" but I never connected my Pod with my Engl because I dont know how to connect them and I'm scarred because of overriding something. Normaly I use my POD via USB on my PC. But I asked myself if I can use my real amp instead of the virtuel amp. Or a real cab instead of a virtuel cab. So that noise gates, compressores and distortion pedals are constructed in front of the ENGL. I thought that I stick a cable from the left or right output in the input of my amp...but...I really dont know. Reading the guide of the POD does not help me. There are also connections for FBV Pedal, S/PDIF Dig Out, USB2.0 (connected to my pc) and microphone. Can someone help me?
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