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  1. I would to like to join you all to force the Line6 explain to us what is this error, I'm a programmer and error codes is nothing without a description or a reference table. If exists an error code for sure exists a reference table, I want to read it. I call Line6 on phone from Brazil, a very expensive call and they don't answer my question about the main origin of this error, they just tell me to update the firmware, this is not a good answer. I've never seen an error that has no solution beyond this , this is for me, the most dangerous problem and they don't care.
  2. I managed to solve the problem: -28 rebailling the chipsets in my rack, unfortunately all the update possibilities were tried without success. I recommend it to anyone who has a Line6 assistance nearby, take it because I guarantee that in my case the software installations and cleaning did not solve it, it was necessary to do rebailling, it is not a complicated process but it is also not so simple that anyone knows how to do it, usually companies who work with gpus do this, so here's the tip, if you are lost you can do a rebailling which in my case worked very well
  3. Hi Datacommando, I have some great news. After rebailling the chipsets everything is running so good, I'm in love with this dream machine, the tones and possibilities is incredible, I play a variax guitar and I don't need anymore the variax power supply and the cables, just plug the ethernet cable and the party starts, i'm so happy and I really appreciate you help, in fact the rebailling process is not a task to a non technician, I take my chances and I could burned something in process that could be irreversible but I've accomplished this task like a boss :). This is not a task to the owner of the equipament, but in Brazil we don't have any support so I do this. Anyway your link is my next step, because I don't have any idea yet what the -28 error is and I've rebailling every chipset, if I know that, for example, the -28 it's a dsp error my job could be more precise and quickly. Besides that, in future I can have this error again. I can't trust that is never come back, I'm a little afraid every time a turn it on, I assume this I will post this on other threads to help anyone having the same problem, is the least I can do after having your help. Again, thanks a lot for your help, if I can do something for you please fell free to concat me. Keep Playing!
  4. Thanks a lot Datacommando, you're helping a lot and sorry for the late response and to post everywhere. The suggested procedure make a lot f sense but unfortunatelly when I'm in step 5 I need to shut it down, the error cause a break communication with my PC, the updater will not see the helix anymore until I boot again in update mode, the upgrade process restart the unit and the unit starts with an error, the dammed -28! When this error occours there is nothing to do anymore, the update will not connect anymore. Tomorrow I'll rebailling the chipsets and if I manage to make this work I will tell you, if not I'll need a new motherboard and in Brazil is almost impossible to get one. The support team doesn't answer my tickets and if I need a new motherboard I doesn't know where to start, in Brazil this things does not exists, the Line 6 support is even worst here. Thanks again for your help, I really appreciated your help. Francis Pires
  5. I think we can be informed about error on Helix and other devices with an erro table to mitigate some commom troubles, I've an error -28 and just don't know what is this.
  6. I have a Helix Rack + Controller but i'm a brazillian
  7. Hi, can you resolve your issue with error -28?
    Sorry for the inconvenience, but I'm really lost

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    2. franoise


      Thanks a lot for your answer, in fact, it's a rack and I don't tell about my system because I'm sure that is not the root cause, by the way I'm using Windows 10 and I make a fresh Windows install to be sure that is not the OS, I've tried using another computer as well and the problemas still happen. If I a least has some knowledge about the error code,Line 6 must tell us what is the -28 error meaning to help us to avoid. 
      I've tried a lot of firmware versions with no lucky, now I'm using the 2.8 like you post and everything is ok but I'm afraid that sometime the rack will freeze again and I will be lost again.
      There is some causes on forum like mine, but they don't post what was done do resolve like you, your help won't be forgot, I'm using normally again, if it freezes again I call you if you don't be bored, can I?

      Sorry for my english, I'm a brazillian tryng not to use google translate :)


      Again, thanks a lot for your time!

    3. franoise


      The problems still happen, this time I use about 15 minutes and the rack freezes again, when I reboot the -28 is there.

    4. datacommando




      Glad to know that you managed to get your Rack to work again, even if you had to go back to 2.8.


      If I get any information that can help you get your unit to work correctly with v.3, then I will let you know.


      If you need help in future - just contact me, and I will try to assist you if I can.


      Your English is very good and far better than I can manage in another language, I believe it is officially Portuguese in Brazil. I have had to use Google Translate before for helping people in Spanish, French and Dutch. It has helped fix things for them.


      Enjoy your Helix Rack.

      Fique protegido deste vírus.


  8. The same happens to me today, I'm living on Brazil and I pay a lot of money to try this gear and now I'm stuck on -28 error like you said and unfortunnately I'm living in Brazil, I can't get a new motherboard so easily. I would like to see some responses from Line6, what I have to do with a 2 thousand dollar equipament that is not working, trash away and buy a new one?
  9. Bricked Rack? I just bought a Helix Rack and it came with version 2.92, after I upgrade to 3.00 I can't connect anymore, I've tried everything, I've read all the posts on this forum and reproduced all the steps and still keep displaying the error -28 always that turns on, if I leave it off for a while the error disappears but in less than 5 minutes the screen freezes and when restarting the error appears again, I've tried to use other versions of the firmware, I've tried everything possible but I can't find a solution. I'm using Windows 10, and I try to install a fresh one to make sure the os is not the root cause, I tried to use other computer as well, same problem, please help me, I need some help here even if I need to pay for it, the line6 support always attend me quickly, but this time my ticket is freezed like my rack
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