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  1. dmuccillo

    Helix and Helix LT Price Increase

    The price is definitely $1599 at all major retail outlets. So the speculation can begin again! ; __(
  2. dmuccillo

    Helix and Helix LT Price Increase

    Ha ha!!!! I thought the same thing the second I hit "Submit Reply" ;)
  3. dmuccillo

    Helix and Helix LT Price Increase

    I guess the message is clear... Vote Democrat! If gear prices start increasing all over the place then he'll definitely lose the musician vote. ;)
  4. dmuccillo

    What will Line 6 drop at Winter NAMM 2019?

    Does he have any idea when they are going to drop the next version of the Helix? The Helix 2? Or whatever the next iteration will be called? I was thinking about getting the Helix but now that they have jacked up the price for a nearly 5 year old platform I am going to hold off.
  5. dmuccillo

    Good Review

    One of the comments in the Loopinsight review said the AMPLIFi isn't even using the latest Line 6 modeling? That it's not as good as the POD HD500 or even the POD HD?!?!? It's using XT /X3 era technology. Is this really true??? If yes, WHY? http://www.loopinsight.com/2014/01/23/line-6-amplifi-guitar-amp-and-ipad-app/