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  1. The price is definitely $1599 at all major retail outlets. So the speculation can begin again! ; __(
  2. Ha ha!!!! I thought the same thing the second I hit "Submit Reply" ;)
  3. I guess the message is clear... Vote Democrat! If gear prices start increasing all over the place then he'll definitely lose the musician vote. ;)
  4. Does he have any idea when they are going to drop the next version of the Helix? The Helix 2? Or whatever the next iteration will be called? I was thinking about getting the Helix but now that they have jacked up the price for a nearly 5 year old platform I am going to hold off.
  5. dmuccillo

    Good Review

    One of the comments in the Loopinsight review said the AMPLIFi isn't even using the latest Line 6 modeling? That it's not as good as the POD HD500 or even the POD HD?!?!? It's using XT /X3 era technology. Is this really true??? If yes, WHY? http://www.loopinsight.com/2014/01/23/line-6-amplifi-guitar-amp-and-ipad-app/
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