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  1. Found it. I like the interface better. I did work on a uke tone and it's horrible. First try so no worries, but are there tutorials on using the software to tweak tones? Thanks for your help.
  2. I'd like to download a ukulele tone to my JT Variax 69. There aren't any so I thought I might try modifying a mandolin tone. Maybe it's just me or maybe it's the lack of organization of the material on this site, or just possibly one can't download new tones to a JT Variax. But if someone would let me know if it's possible and, if so, how it's done, I'd appreciate it. Also, I just looked at the software downloads and note that the Variax HD upgrade is not available. Did they take it off the shelf because it's that bad?
  3. the strings have been breaking right at the tuners. I think maybe they start to slip a little and won't stay in tune, then snap as I'm trying to get them back in tune. Also, I have wound my four replacements in the old fashion. Do they need to come off the guitar?
  4. The variax 69 is my first guitar with a tremolo bar. I didn't recognize that it also came with string locks until my strings began breaking. I've had the guitar about 4 months, playing it probably 2-4 hours a week and over the last week, 4 of the strings have broken. I know that some players change their strings all the time, but is there a way to keep from going through 3-4 sets a year? Also, I've restrung in the fashion I was taught, 2-3 winds around the post and I understand that for locking tuners, I should pull the string straight through the post, lock it down and cut off the excess. supposedly tuning is more accurate. Any suggestions?
  5. I'm willing to bet a beer that the new pick printer is an April Fool's joke, albeit a sophisticated one. First, $9999 would buy a lot of picks. Second, the beer-modeling feature. Third, rockstar pocket lint, essential accessory for the diehard fan? :rolleyes:
  6. I have the same issue, but it cropped up when I had had the guitar for about 2 months. The is a ringing feedback type noise that comes from the low E which is pretty annoying, but there are also clearly 2 tones coming from the high E and, to a lesser degree, the other two unwound strings in the alt tunings you have detailed and others. Could you go into more detail about how to readjust my hand (no palm muting, continually mute the low E with left thumb?). I bought the Variax for 3 reasons, the alt tunings, the guitar modeling and the tremolo bar. I loved it until this problem cropped up. It seems that we are the only two JT 69 players that have noticed this. For me, it makes the guitar unplayable in all but standard tuning, drop D and open A. I'm going to reflash the guitar several more times and, if the problem remains, open a repair ticket and see if they'll fix or replace the guitar. If it can't be fixed, $1000 will go a long ways towards replacements, I think.
  7. I have the same issue. The arm rattles if I'm trying to use the tremolo across the midpoint. Sweetwater thought that all Strat tremolos feel the same because it's loose enough to slide in and out at 3 o'clock and sticks around 6 o'clock.
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