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  1. I unfortunately have to unload the PS2 I talked about in this thread due to some financial issues. if anyone's looking for a good deal head over to Reverb. $575 and it includes the rack kit and free shipping.
  2. I unfortunately have to unload my PS2 i used in my vid due to some financial issue. head over to Reverb and you can get a brand new unit with the rack kit for $575 free shipping.
  3. Can we assume it will be the same tones and sound quality as the helix it just relies on your computers DSP? In that case you could ditch your HW unit if you only use it for recording. That's all I use it for. I already have all the I/O I would need with my recording interface..
  4. That's odd. I wouldn't think that's a loud screech would be caused by no Ground Lift.. more buzz and hum.
  5. You were sure the first block was an FX and not a Send?
  6. Oh absolutely. I didn't get into pre effects, but that is more of the point of this set up. Sorry I didn't touch on it, I should have. This set up IS more for running pre effects. The way I ran the delay is the way I usually run it (amp into Helix for impulse and post effects)
  7. Nice! Great little tool to have!
  8. Behringer HD400 hum destroyer. Cheap and efficient. $25 maybe..
  9. I know we have all figured this out but I'm a visual guy. I did a real quick video on this to show how to do it. please forgive me for the crude manner as i am not one who typically makes videos. i hope it helps. if not yell at me! lol. I'm also a drummer and not the best guitarist FYI i have these tools mainly for my studio..
  10. I use a behringer HD400 hum destroyer. Cheap and effective. It kills any hum I have with amps. I always get a bad buzz when I use my buffered guitar splitter during sessions. This solves it 100%
  11. This is exactly how I imagined you would Do it. I'll try it out with my power station 2 tomorrow before band practice. I wouldn't really use this set up normally but it's a good thing to have in my aresenal if a guitarist wants to use their actual head but doesn't have all the effects they want that the helix has in my studio. I, again, end up just plugging the amp into the powerstation, line out to an aux return line level on the Helix to use it as an Ir loader. It's awesome. Don't think I'll ever mic a cab again!
  12. When I use the Helix as an Ir loader I send the line out of the load box into an aux return on the back(line level). What he's doing is guitar into helix, fx(inst level) send out of helix to amp, amp out to load box, load box line out to aux return in (line level), Line out of helix to converter.
  13. Gear head, One thing you could track down is a used Suhr ISO line box. It splits your amp signal into a line level and you run one end into an actual cab for load..I did this before I got myfryette power station.
  14. 3 sigma Ir's are really nice. very "3D" sounding
  15. Pete's original Helix demo from about a year ago is what made me take the dive for the helix. At the time, it was the only demo where it actually sounded good and showed its full potential. Glad to see he's using it!
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