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  1. I enter the number on the back of the UX2 and registration fails. Will the unit work without registration please? It's driving me nuts. I paid £169 for it from Vibes Music in Plymouth Devon England. I have an ASUS Essentio dual core PC with two USB sockets at the front. My UX2 has Pod Studio and Reason Limited, I have open and closed back stereo headphones. 2 Edirol powered nearfield monitors, A Pioneer stereo hi-fi amp and 2 large 3 way Goodmans speakers. Various very good electric guitars, a handmade Simon and Patrick Steel strung guitar. A Red5 Phantom Powered condenser mic. I also have a copy of Reaper by Cockos Inc. On top of all that, I bought an Inline Midi interface from Vibes to use with my Roland PC100A midi keyboard. They told me I would be able to play the REASON sounds with it. I'm thinking of just throwing the whole lot away and buying an old Fostex 8 track tape recorder. Many years ago I actually made a commercially released album of music for TV and Radio on one of those. With and Allan and Heath 16 into 4 into 2 desk. And midi sync code on track 1. 7 audio tracks to play with, plus bouncing and dropping in. And synced up various 'live synths and samplers. Took the whole shebang into a pro studio with racks of expensive outboard gear and mixed it all down to Ampex 30ips tape. Great results!! Bring back mono!!! In the meantime if anyone can help with this infernal Line6 UX2, please reply here. Or email me at nevillepearson1@gmx.com Thanks, have a great day. Neville
  2. Still having problems registering and activating my Line6 Pod Studio Ux2 and Pod Farm with Reason Limited. I have an Asus Essentio Series Desktop computer. With an Optical Drive. Open and closed back headphones. Various acoustic and electric guitars. A Red5 powered condenser microphone. A Shure Sm58 dynamic mic. A Pioneer 35 Watts per Channel stereo amp. 2 Goodmans 3 way Loudspeakers on spiked stands.Neville
  3. My UX2 has Pod Farm and Reason Limited. Can someone walk me through the installation process please? I also have an Inline midi interface and a Roland PC100-A midi keyboard. There are two USB sockets on the front of my Asus Essentio Series Desktop PC. I have open and closed back stereo phones. A Red5 powered condenser mic and various acoustic guitars. And various powered stereo monitor speakers. Many thanks for any help. Neville. Oh if there are any long replies you can email me at nevillepearson1@gmx.com
  4. Thanks for all your replies. One last question. How do I get REASON to recognise the midi interface so that the sounds will play? I did have an Alesis interface which had built in Midi, but there were endless problems with that. It was also very flimsy. Thanks, Neville
  5. OK. Me again. I am thinking that for now, if I just enter all the notes manually from my computer keyboard/mouse, even chords, then the whole thing will work, even though it will be very laborious. . I DO have a midi keyboard with the midi cable. It has pressure and velocity sensitive keys. The actual model is a Roland PC160-A. The top panel says Midi Keyboard Controller. On the left of the three octave keyboard is a pitch bend wheel. When I push it upwards, it outputs vibrato information. There is also a slider which selects midi controller numbers. Those can be sent and recorded on suitable midi recording software. It worked fine with REAPER. I used to use the system with an internal EMU S612 soundcard. Very high quality, it came with a whole bunch of VST's and VSTi's. It had 'break out cables. Ones for audio input, two for audio output, They had to be connected to a small external mixer. A Tapco 6306. There are inserts for insert effects like external compressors. Sends and returns for hardware reverbs (I have and old high quality rack mount 'Midiverb' - actually, the Midiverb patches could also be changed by automating them from Reaper with patch change information - 129 possible patches). The mixer itself has three band eq on each channel, used to eq sounds going ONTO the recording, but not while playing the sounds back. For that I used the Reaper eqs. The mixer has standard low/nigh shelving, bass cut/boost, and a sweepable midrange eg. I could also pug in parametric equaliser. Anything really. It's only a four in, two out unit. But I could record mono tracks by panning the input to the left or right, depending on which track I wanted. I could monitor the input, while listening to existing recorded tracks as a monitor mix. But as you all say, there is no midi input on the line6 Ux2. So I guess you are stuck with selecting one patch per Reason track, and having that running through the song. Same with whatever effects you have on each track. But with 16 Reason tracks, different Reason instruments could come in at different points in the song. I can programme midi drums easily. Reaper has a dedicated drum editor, with a drum machine style grid to put the various drum 'hits on. Or you can play them in real time from a midi keyboard, and either quantise them on input, or after recording. Or edit where the hits fall in the bars afterwards with a step editor. It's a remarkable programme, it lets you do things almost any way at all. And it has unlimited audio and midi tracks. It's similar to Steinberg Cubase. You can even sync it to tape via SMPTE or the simpler Midi timecode. The latter you have to start right from the beginning of the song, while SMPE you can start anywhere. I had a Fostex A5 6 track machine. I 'striped' one track with time-code, then synced up computer tracks. I also used to use Master |Tracks Pro, the Macintosh application, and that could do the same thing. I am pretty clued up when it comes to recording and technology. But I can't work out the UX2. The demos online do sound impressive. The guitar sounds are definitely digital, not through a real miked valve am. Most of them are very distorted heavy metal sounds. Over-processed. They can't approach say a Fender Twin, or a Vox AC30, or a Marshall. You an' get a Peter Green sound, like the one he had on 'Albatross'. Nor an Eric Clapton sound like when he was in the Bluesbreakers with John Mayall. And later on 'Layla', which was a Fender Strat though a valve amp. But for a computer device, if you put the guitar sounds in a mix. not too loudd, they would sit nicely. Anyway. Any replies with suggestions, criticisms, suggestions, past experiences, anything at all, will be gratefully received, Neville
  6. WOW that's great. But please can you tell me how I tell REAPER to recognise it? And how do I integrate the REAPER VST's and Vsti's with the ones in the unit's REASON ones? Thanks.
  7. Hi. Will the unit work with REAPER please? If so, how do I tell REAPER to recognise it? And will the included cut down version of EWAON somehow integrate with it and the free REAPER FX and VSTI's? Thanks.
  8. I have exactly the same problem. I believe Line6 are working on a solution. I want to use the device for my professional work as a libray music composer for television n and radio. Perhaps one of the moderators of the forum could emlighten is please? Regards, Neville
  9. Forgive me if I have already successfully posted this question. I only signed up to the forum last night so I am unsure how it works. I read here that there are problems registering my device, which I have not yet unpacked from it's box. Does that mean I will be unable to use it until the registration is fixed? The device seems exactly what I need as I am guitar who writes and records music for TV and radio. .As well as recording my own jazz and blues. Thank you for any replies.
  10. Hi I have just bought a new Line6 Pod Studio UX2. I have not yet unpacked it. I read here that there is a problem with registration. Does this mean that I will not yet be able to use it? I am wary of opening the box unless I am sure it will work. I had that problem with a similar device from another manufacturer, and ended up have to return it to the shop before buying this one. It looks on paper to be exactly what I need. I am a guitarist/composer writing and recording music for television and radio. I also play and record jazz and blues for my own pleasure or in the hope that a record company may release it. I have played live in my own bands at the Bracknell Jazz Festival in Berkshire, UK. I play acoustic and electric guitars and have a good condenser mic for acoustic instruments. Thank you. Neville
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