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  1. This morning I downloaded the latest firmware for my G10 Transmitter (Relay G10 v. 1.06) to see if it would fix a problem that I had been having with it. While using the updater I also saw that there was a new firmware for my amp (V. 2.0.2). After downloading the firmware to the amp it restarted, I had a regular 1/4" instrument cable hooked to my guitar and plugged it into the input jack. A terrible squealing noise started coming out of the amp. I turned down the master volume and pulled the cable out. I plugged it back in and now I get no sound at all from the speaker. I plugged in headphones and no sound there either. Prior to the update I had been using the amp with a standard instrument cable. I checked the cable on another amp and it works fins so my only conclusion can be that the firmware did something to kill the amp. I tried a factory reset but it didn't do anything. I really love using this amp as my office practice amp. I even bought the FBV3 to go with it. Npt sure what to do now to get it to work. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. I was happy to see that Line 6 finally added a computer-based version of the Spider V Remote app so that I can dig in deeper on my computer screen and change tones while using a DAW. There was also talk in the email that I received of downloading new tones from the customtone.com website to upload and use in the app. I have not found this to be true. The customtone page does not list the Spider V and when I try and download a tone I get a message that says "Valid product registration or software purchase required to use CustomTone. I have registered my Spider and so this message is quite confusing Love my Spider but please work out the kinks.
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