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  1. Theres an unbalanced input and balanced in my monitors. I use the unbalanced one. Doesn't really matter... My problem appears on and off and I tend to think its my PC but cant point to anything really.
  2. Hello, For a few months now I'm having this problem with my setup. I have the Tannoy Reveal 402 monitors connected to the UX2 via unbalanced PL connection. For the first few weeks I had the monitors, they worked great. Then, everytime I turned them on, the soundcard stopped working and crashed (no orange lights) and when I turned the monitors back off, the UX2 worked again. I replaced one of the monitors for new Tannoy Reveal 402, and the same problem occured. Then I sent it for a fix and they did find something, but the problem still occurs. I emailed Tannoy about this problem and this was their response: What do you guys think can be the problem? The UX2 can be on for hours but when I turn the monitors he crashes.
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