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  1. Thanks, think you are right. iCloud can't do backup over 64G I believe so I have to figure out about half of storage to delete before backing up. How can iCloud backup not be able to backup an iPad! Back to love/hate apple. Love the amplifi though and looking forward to getting back up to it's full potential.
  2. It was working before I updated ios 7.1.1 the updated to the last remote version about a week ago. This new version allows me to log in but then just closes! If it is just my iPad I am thinking of doing a factory restore and the reinstall everything on the iPad but that is fairly drastic and will take several hours as it is 128G air and pretty much full with only 2.6G free.
  3. Man is it my iPad? Installed new app and it crashes after being open for ~20 seconds. Did back up and hard reset and reinstalled, same result. Not sure what to do now.
  4. I have a love/ hate relationship with apple. Love the products/hate the cost. Love the stability/hate the apple control freakish attitude. The control keeps things relatively secure though. Really like the amplifi though and this glitch will be fixed soon. Unfortunately patience is not one of my virtues!
  5. Not sure either but I appreciate your help. I guess i will just need to wait.
  6. Yep, auto update off, just tried again and still installing v1.01 and crashing. Just going to have to wait until apple approves the updated version, hope it's soon!
  7. Just tried deleting app and reinstalling from App Store. It installed v 1.01 again. Have iPad Air 128G running 7.1.1. Remote worked until I updated to ios7.1.1. Was able to log into remote after reinstall but crashed when checking version.
  8. This is an iPad issue as well. I see that admin is saying that the iPad is not affected but I get a crash when trying to log on the app on iPad. The keyboard locks locks when typing a couple characters the app crashes. Same on iPod touch. Can not revert after auto update. iPad issues as well.
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