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  1. Thanks for the reply BigRalphN, I lose everything in the reboot process. Now that I have OS10.11 on my Mac I have tried to download the lateset firmware from the line 6 website but I get a decompression failed every time. I can not get the lateset firmware on my helix. Very frustrating but I will keep at it. I have had many line6 products in the past and this is my first negative experience. I'm hoping the updates will fix this problem and that I can actually get the updates downloaded. I tried calling customer support and that option does not work on their phone system today. Guess no one is there on the weekends. Thanks again for the reply and I hope you have better luck than I'm having!
  2. Hi Uber GuruThanks for the response! The volume levels do work when using the volume pedal and getting a signal to the amp. The pedal worked on four different patches then just quit (on a patch it was working on) once there was no sound the volume values did not change. It showed max volume but no sound. All switching functions still work, all scribble switchs work just no volume until I do a reboot. I have slow internet here but am almost done loading OS el capitan which should work to load the lateset firmware (this has taken 21 hours to do) thanks again for the reply! I really hope this fixes the problem because when the unit works properly I really like it!
  3. I just got my helix today. Plugged it in and no sound (signal) out to my amp. Turned it off and back on then no screens. Called tech service and was walked through a reboot. Everything worked fine until I used the volume pedal then all sound dropped off again. Reboot and worked ok even while using the volume pedal on a few patches. Sound once again dropped off when using the volume pedal. Called tech services again, was told to install new firmware which I cannot do until I download the latest OS on my Mac. That is in progress at this time. Has anyone else had this problem? I honestly expected much more out of this unit and tech support. It has been a very disappointing day! Please respond if you have had this problem and let me know if updating the firmware solved the problem.
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