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  1. i do know about that link. idk, the 10.11.1 update seems to have worked for the HD500X. and the driver version is 7.3.6 for me.
  2. oh okay. im not sure. I'm on the same update as you i think. i'd say contact apple and say it wasn't resolved for the HD300. as a temporary fix i connected my HD500X with an aux cable directly into my computer, it sounded pretty decent. if you want to try that you'll have to use an adaptor to get the output on your unit to be able to work with an aux cable though.
  3. not sure if there's a link, just open the App Store and look for the new update. lollipop? lol
  4. I just updated to the latest version they released like yesterday afternoon. it seems to be fine now, if youre still having issues after contact Line6 and Apple.
  5. Nah. It's not. If it were they wouldn't have done that update for it adding more amps a few months ago. I think someone at line 6 is just taking their sweet time rewriting whatever program they have to, which sucks because I need to record lol
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