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  1. Yes Goooner but what won't sink into my thick skull is the fact that you select say a Plexi Lead 100 Nrm amp in the patch and then play it through a British Crunch amp on the DT25
  2. But without the AES/EBU cable, the patch will still play through whatever is physically selected on the amp won't it?
  3. Thanks for the reply Goooner. So when you create a patch, all your effects have to be on the left hand side? Still can't get my head round selecting an amp in the patch but then playing it out of another amp. You can probably tell that I'm a bit of a novice (to say the least!) Played around with the line 6 "Brown Sugar" patch today and that sounded awesome :D
  4. Sorry if this has been asked before but I wouldn't know how to start searching for the answer. I have just purchased a "dream rig" consisting of a DT25, HD500x & a JTV69. I have watched several line6 videos about creating patches but they all sound different out of my amp because I'm not sure what settings to have the amp on. I don't have the line6 cable for connecting the HD500x to the DT25 so how do I know which amp model to have selected on the amp. Obviously, having the wrong amp and settings selected defeats the object of the patch. If you have the line 6 connector, do you have to tell the editor all the amp settings so it selects them every time or does it switch the DT25 settings out and use the amp models settings. This probably sounds like mumbo jumbo but I am very confused! Do you have to buy a expensive line6 cable or will any microphone lead do? thanks in advance for any advice
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